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About Minimo Town

Minimo Town is one of the very few apps available that blend learning and fun in a seamless way and help children learn the English Alphabet and vocabulary through gaming. Spelling words right unlocks new items, tools and buildings which can be used for building up a customised and colourful city.  By spelling an item right, this come to life allowing children, especially those who learn English as a foreign language, to understand what the word means and hear the pronunciation of it.

Minimo Town Review

Minimo Town is a fun way to learn the English alphabet, letter names and sounds, and vocabulary. It is available in Denmark, Norway and Sweden for IOS and Android devices. The global release has not been announced yet.  It is a paid app. It is suitable for young children aged 3 to 6 that learn the letters for first time and children up to 9 years old learning English as a foreign language. It is based on game-based learning principles including, learning through play and learning through interaction and discovery. It is one of the very few games for learning available that manages to blend learning and gaming relatively seamlessly; learning elements in this case letters and words are very well-designed as their colour and shape resembles the design of other items in the app such as animals and fruits. Also, interacting with them becomes a natural part of the game narrative and a requirement in order to progress into the game.

The aim of the game is for children to build their own city by identifying letters that are missing from words. They are presented with a valley where they can build their own city with buildings, roads, trees, and decorations. The game is very flexible with a variety of options for children to choose from such as different buildings and different types of trees. The process of building and learning is simple, yet it might take children some time to discover it through playing around and interacting with the various features of the game. The game starts by presenting to the children a recycle machine from the chimney of which letters are coming out. By pressing an item for example a bird, children see the word bird yet one or more letters are missing from the word. Children select the missing letter (s)  and drag it to the word. If this is the right letter, they hear the name of the word and the name of each letter. They are then allowed to give the item to one of the citizens by matching it to the citizen that has the same image of the item. Coins are given and collected for each right matching. These can be used to buy new items or buildings and expand the city. In order to gain any new items and manage to shape their city, children go through spelling words. By spelling an item right, this comes to life allowing children, especially those who learn English as a foreign language, to understand what the word means and hear the pronunciation of it.

To make the game even more exciting, naughty monsters appear every now and then to the city. There are four of them: Purp  the Slime monster,  Filch the thief monster, Paw the tickle monster, and Oop the fart monster. To stop them and help them behave well, children should share some of their items with them. By spelling a specific number of words, children can unlock new lands -  they have the option of four different worlds through which they can learn up to 140 words.  The app is overall very well designed and appropriate for young children who enjoy learning through gaming. It is also accompanied by printed material (see official website) that can be used to evaluate children's comprehension of the alphabet. One aspect that could be improved is the use of a saw to cut trees as this might promote anti-environmental ideas.

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