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About Minima Animator

The application Minima Animator is a versatile and powerful 3D animation platform. The application is rich with features and includes a simple platform that requires no advanced technical knowledge of 3D animation. Minima Animator is free to download and is available for iOS for mobile devices, tablets and computers. The application is suitable for ages 4 and above (according to the Appstore) and is free from in-app adverts and in-app purchases. 

Minima Animator Review

Minima Animator is a powerful, fun and versatile piece of 3D animation software that currently free to download. The application includes many features such as skeleton 3D Models, limitless 3D animation, complex lighting features, over 150 free assets, iCloud syncing, comprehensive support and tutorials along with a supportive website platform and much more. This application will support students who are interested in or following an animation or graphics career pathway along with users who wish to simply experiment with animation at home.

It’s good to know that the application requires no initial login or account making the application easily accessible from the outset. The main home screen features several options which include: 

  • Creating a new animation

  • Loading an animation
  • Exporting an animation
  • Rig a character
  • Manage animation assets
  • Settings and Help Centre
  • Minima Animathon Contest
  • Links to related applications from the developers

Before starting an animation, we suggest downloading one of the ready-made animations from the developer’s website just to see what can be achieved and also how the features function. We also suggest watching a video tutorial (bouncing basketball) that can be found on the supporting website. Not only will this give you an insight into how the platform works but it may also give you an idea of the type of project you would like to achieve.

By selecting ‘Create a new animation’ we enter the animation design platform after giving our project a given name. A default UFO appears along with camera views, X, Y and Z axis and a frame-line at the bottom.

There are a number of menus displayed at the top of the page. These include:

A return to the main menu

Change Animation Metadata – Enabling the user to change the project title

Save the project and Save and duplicate the current project

Export – This can be exported in several formats including mna, mov, mp4, gif and png.

Import Asset – This is a wonderful feature enabling the user to import several objects such as a train, robot, spaceship, rockets and much more.

Import Animation – the user can load pre-existing animations to the platform. These can also be downloaded via the developer’s website.

Add Light – The user has the option to add a range of light settings such as ambient, directional and spotlight.

Once as an asset has been created further controls can also be used such as Clone, delete, group, ungroup, toggle between lists etc. 

Save and Preview – Probably our most used button. It’s great to see what you have created and check the animation regularly.

Creating an animation from scratch can be very time-consuming. Each asset can be moved in either an X, Y or Z axis by simply adding a starting position to the object. This can be modified by adding a keyframe within the time frame bars. We liked the slider feature underneath the coordinates position to speed up the animation process. The timeframe menu also enables the user to not only move the position of the asset via the X, Y and Z axis but also rotate it, scale it and also make the object opaque. Combining these features enabled us to make a robot move, turn, jump and then disappear in very short space of time. 

What skills does it improve?

The application can help with many skills including visual learning, graphics, presentation techniques, computer-aided design, computer skills, mathematical modelling, stage design and much more.

Is Minima Animator app easy to use?

When dealing with the complexities of animation there is no easy way to teach this. Many applications provide 3D animation creation platforms and Minima Animator is one of the best. Initially, the application can be daunting. We suggest that the user downloads the examples provided, watches the tutorial and experiments with the app as much as possible. Our users soon came to terms with the software and a little practice.

How will parents benefit?

Minima Animator is a great way to introduce animation and computer skills to children. Once the application has been used regularly parents can leave their children unsupported.

How will teachers benefit?

Minima Animator is very engaging and offers lots of scope for differentiation. We love the fact that the developers run a competition for students to enter their animations. This certainly could be used in schools on a tablet or supporting desktop.

How will the user benefit?

It’s great fun! Our users benefitted from the tutorials and the pre-loaded assets that they could add to their animations. The graphics interface is visually stunning and the application is intuitive. A great application for those who may want to go onto computer animation or advanced packages such as Adobe Flash, 3D Studio Max etc.

What we love about the Minima Animator app

The developers have taken a very difficult, complex subject and created a very easy to use application with a variety of features. The ability to import animations that have already been created is a nice feature. Many of our users wanted to see how these were created before they created their own. The use of the different camera views is extremely helpful and the flow of the graphics and animation is seamless. The use of the X, Y and Z axis feature enables the user to animate without losing sense of scale and direction.

What the Minima Animator app could improve on?

Minima Animator is a very good application and there is a limited amount of improvements that can be made, however, we have suggested the following:

The age setting of the application is 4+ on the Appstore. Many of our users found the application quite complex. This age might need to be reviewed.

The tutorials appeared only on the website. Maybe the developers could add video tutorials to the application?

Many applications that use multiple features and controls often benefit from a control overlay where the user is directed by the application and an overlay of the controls can be seen.

Adding more assets would certainly enhance the application.

Adding further examples such as those entered for the competition by others would enhance the application.

How much does Minima Animator cost?

Minima Animator is temporarily free at the present time.

Is Minima Animator safe to use?

Yes. It was refreshing to see an application that doesn’t require and account or email to start with. Parental controls are not required as there are no in-app purchases and the content is child friendly.

Minima Animator is far one of the best 3D animation applications we have seen. Not only does it come with a user-friendly platform and a variety of features but it is also free! Minima Animator comes highly recommended by The

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Download Minima Animator

You can download Minima Animator on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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