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Mini Piano is a 2 octave keyboard for your Android Tablet or Phone.

Play various instruments like the piano,bells, electric guitar, violin,harp,trombone and others.
Learn a tune from a variety of songs like Amazing Grace, We wish you a Merry Christmas, Auld Lang Syne, Silent Night and others.

Mini Piano comes with various background beats and you can switch between a single keyboard and double keyboard with wider keys.

Volume controls for master, beats and notes, and you can also toggle a notation guide which will display the notes on the keys.

  • 2 Octave keyboard.
  • Full 10 finger multi touch support ( dependant on hardware )
  • Normal and Wide key modes.
  • Play different instruments.
  • Learn a tune.
  • Toggle notation guide.
  • Individual volume controls.
  • Beats.
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EdgeWay Software

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