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About Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is a mobile, location-based, augmented reality game for Android devices based on the hit Minecraft franchise. The game uses augmented reality to merge elements of the Minecraft games with the real world. 

Minecraft Earth Review

What is Minecraft Earth?

Minecraft Earth has many of the same elements of Minecraft in this app, with a few variations. One of the differences in how students can collect items (mining) is similar to Pokemon Go. The app allows students to collect things around them and walk to items outside of their immediate space. Those items collected are used to build in your Minecraft space. If you’re wondering if you can drive and collect, the answer is no.

After collecting items, students will put their build plate on the floor or table. They can walk around the build plate as they interact and create. The space can be small enough to look around it, or it can be large enough to take place across the entire classroom. As you can see in the first image, Minecraft Earth identifies people in the scene and allows items to be in front and behind them (people occlusion). 

Similar to Minecraft, students will need to make stuff through crafting or smelting. This process was challenging because I didn’t know what to combine to create new items. Throughout the gameplay, students are presented with challenges that essentially teach them how to collect, craft/smelt, and build in the app.

Minecraft Earth is easy to download and install (just click the download button above to Download Minecraft Earth) and you can sign in using your Microsoft account.


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You can download Minecraft Earth on your Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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