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About Mindvalley

Mindvalley is an online learning platform that is a little different from your standard academic platform. By fostering all facets of human change, this online learning environment puts a strong emphasis on individual development.

Mindvalley Review

What do we like about Mind Valley?

A free lesson lasting 60 to 90 minutes is made available each week so you can sample the platform. Instructing its learning programmes are seasoned educators, authors, and visionaries and some of them are even well-known. The users of Mind Valley will find its video material to be highly fascinating and participatory. Its quests frequently consist of bite-sized, 10–20 minute videos that are direct and effective for user engagement. It has a strong and dedicated learner community that constantly lends support, is friendly, and has some fun.

What skills does it improve?

The emphasis of Mindvalley classes is on personal development, which might include things like improving your motivation, organisation, and intuition. Therefore, even while you won't graduate with an academic diploma you will still gain important skills that will benefit you.

Is Mind Valley free?

Mindvalley is available and free to download on all Android and iOS devices. 

Is Mind Valley easy to use?

Mindvalley, the platform is appealing and well-designed, and it is simple to manoeuvre around.

How will students benefit?

You can learn the subjects that are most important to you on the Mindvalley platform, which also gives you the chance to learn everything you wish you had learned in school. Mindvalley is the total antithesis of traditional education, which involves sitting in stuffy classrooms. A distinctive learning experience is provided by its 50+ Quests, which are taught by renowned academics and celebrities and cover subjects like Mind, Body, Soul, Career, Entrepreneurship, Relationship, Kids, Teens, and Parenting.

How will teachers benefit?

Weekly free masterclasses lasting 60 to 90 minutes are offered by Mindvalley. One of Mindvalley's motivating teachers leads its masterclasses. Additionally, you can take advantage of its ongoing free masterclasses. It's the best way to use the platform without making a financial commitment.

How will parents benefit?

The quality of the content generated by Mindvalley is unsurpassed. Because of the platform's interesting material, students are 5 times more likely to finish their courses there than on other online learning platforms.

What can Mind Valley improve on?

Unfortunately, Mindvalley's video lessons cannot be downloaded, thus an internet connection is required to see them.

How much does it cost?

Mindvalley costs starts $199 and goes up to $499.

Final thoughts

Online learning portal Mindvalley provides courses on every facet of human evolution, including personal improvement. Quests, addictive and easily consumable learning modules, are used. When compared to other online communities that are devoted to and helpful in supporting your learning experience, a powerful online community stands out. You have the option of purchasing a single quest or subscribing to the 'all access' subscription, which is billed either monthly or annually. To give you a taste of the platform, Mindvalley also provides free weekly Masterclasses.

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Critical Thinking
Creative Development


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Mindvalley Creations Inc.

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