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About Mindoo – Test Yourself & Learn

Mindoo is a general knowledge quiz app that covers a variety of categories including geography, politics and economy, people, and sport. The app is aimed at older students and adults who want to learn some new facts or test their memories.

Mindoo is available on iOS and Android devices as a free download. In-app purchases fully unlock the categories.  The app is primarily designed for phone-sized screens but can be scaled up for use on tablet devices.

Mindoo – Test Yourself & Learn Review

What is Mindoo

Mindoo app is a quiz app that tests users on their general knowledge. Players have a choice of categories which they can then refine into more focused topics.  

Players attempt the quizzes using an untimed flashcard-style format that is perfectly suited to playing while on the go.  As you'll see in this Mindoo app review, Mindoo provides a good mental exercise experience that develops general knowledge. 

What we love about Mindoo

Many quiz apps focus more on recognition than recall which means they use multiple-choice questions. It is easier to get good scores on multiple-choice quizzes than it is on ones where we must rely only on our memories.   

Mindoo is apart from most quiz apps in forgoing the multiple-choice mechanic for the more challenging option of free-form answers. In this app, players read a question, decide on a response in their head, and then request the actual answer from the app. If the player was right, they tap a tick; if they were wrong, they tap a cross. The app then keeps score.  

This method feels a bit 'manual' at first as other apps have conditioned players to expect to choose an answer to be marked by the app. However, it is hard to think of a better way that does not drop back to the easier, multiple-choice route. Players must be honest with themselves when they come to check their answers in Mindoo but, usually, they'll be playing it for the challenge so there'd be no point in cheating themselves. 

The app's answer method is one that feels more natural the longer you play it. Quiz apps can date. Presidents of countries change and athletes break new records. The developers of Mindoo promise to ensure that the questions and answers in this app remain up to date, which is great as many are topical. 

What skills does it improve?

Mindoo app is a general knowledge quiz app. Players will test their memories, get a reminder of facts they once knew and learn new ones. Academic subjects are not the focus of this app, but it does touch upon some areas that will be useful for students to know. 

What age is it appropriate for?

The subjects available and the type of questions make this an app for older students and adults. There is nothing inappropriate in the app, but children are not its expected audience. 

Is Mindoo easy to use?

Choosing topics, accessing questions, finding answers and tracking scores is very easy in the app. It has a simple interface that is clear and self-explanatory. 

How will students benefit?

Students focused on academic subjects can become a little blinkered. General knowledge questions in Mindoo will inspire students to broaden their knowledge. 

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers of older students can add interest to lessons by building in some quizzes from this app. As it has no time limits and tracks scores, teachers could make it work very well in this role. 

What Mindoo can improve on?

From an educational point of view, it would be useful for Mindoo to feature some more topics directly related to academic subjects. Science and history topics, in particular, could be well served by Mindoo's quiz format. 

How much does Mindoo cost?

Mindoo is free to download. It includes a variety of quizzes across different categories. Playing these will give you a clear idea of whether Mindoo is the quiz app for you. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Should you decide that you are enjoying Mindoo and learning from its quizzes, you can expand it. The nice thing about this is that you can choose to only pay for the categories that interest you. Sports fans can pay for the sports category alone or geography students could just choose that category. There is a point where buying individual categories could become expensive so, if you think that you'll use them, you can unlock all of the categories for a rate well under half the price of unlocking each one individually. 

Is Mindoo safe to use?

This app does not contain social media or content that is inappropriate for children. Mindoo's content is not aimed at young children but there is nothing in it that is inappropriate for them. 

Overall rating

Mindoo has a simple aim of being a straightforward, easy-to-use general knowledge quiz app, and it succeeds in this. It isn't especially well-matched to classroom subjects, but general knowledge is something that everybody should strive to improve. Mindoo app is good fun to use, keeps players up to date with topics that are prone to change, and is definitely worth downloading to see for yourself whether your general knowledge is as good as you think.

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