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About Mindomo

Mindomo is a mind-mapping app that helps unleash the power of your ideas. If you’re a quick thinker with a creative eye, then this is the app for you. With this app you can capture your thoughts and turn them into presentations on the fly, with the added value of being able to share them with others. Mindomo is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.

Mindomo Review

Mindomo is a mind-mapping app that will help you create diagrams to stay more organized, keep your ideas and thoughts organized, and save these diagrams easily. Mindomo is a collaborative mind mapping tool that, after seeing its website, seems more inclined towards helping teachers and students understand complex topics and discuss solutions.

You can also synchronise your maps to the cloud, from any device. When doing a group project, the Mindomo app provides you with a platform to collaborate with others by sharing ideas and working together on mind-maps in real time.

Similar to the other tools of my test, Mindomo is also packed with features and below, I have pointed out what its greatest strengths and weaknesses are.

Mindomo Pros

#1 Export and share files in all formats

One of the biggest strength of Mindomo is, it’s lets you export and share mind maps in almost every possible form like text (.PDF, .docx, .txt, .html), images (.PNG, .zip), presentation (.pptx), projects (.mpx) and even as spreadsheets (.xls).

#2 Integrate with powerful tools

Mindomo provides the widest range of integration tools among all the five software I analyzed in this test.

It can be easily added with powerful tools like Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP and all the popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, Desire2learn, itslearning, Clever, and Schoology.IMAGE

#3 Compatible with all the devices

Mindomo runs smoothly on every platform whether it’s Windows, Mac or Linux. On top of that, it also provides dedicated apps for Android and iOS for free.

#4 Pretty convenient for teachers and students

For students, it’s a breeze to create a mind map and collaborate with their teachers in real-time. When a student creates an assignment, it automatically gets shared with the teacher which makes the whole assessment and feedback process pretty effortless.

#5 Good customer support

Though I won’t call Mindomo’s customer support the best or fastest but it was still a good experience for me as they answered my queries within 24 hours.

Mindomo Cons

#1 Limited attachment size

Yes, Mindomo allows you to attach files with your mind maps but it comes with a limitation. Each file should be of 156MB or less.

#2 Only two devices per license

Another hitch with Mindomo is you can use the software only on two devices with a single user license. While its competitors like MindMeister and Mindjet has no such barriers.

Mindomo Pricing Plans

Apart from its free version that comes with very limited features, Mindomo provides a three tier pricing plan to its users.

Premium – $36/6 months for a single user

Professional – $90/6 months for 1 user and 5 guest users

Team – $142/6 months for 5 users

They also have specific plans for education sector folks with discounted prices.

Basic – $36/year (Billed annually) for 1 user

Teacher – $69/year for 1 teacher and 75 students

Classroom & Schools – $99/year with LTI support for the whole classroom or school.

Do I Recommend Mindomo?

There is no doubt Mindomo is an excellent tool for people related to the field of education. And it even has the potential to make learning a fun process for students.

But it doesn’t cater the needs of other professionals or companies not related to the education sector. So, if you’re a student or teacher, then definitely go for it. Otherwise, it’s better to skip this tool as for now.

Mindomo is a reliable mind-mapping application worth having when you need to arrange your ideas, links, websites, pictures and notes, develop creative solutions to your problems and visualize connections between different key concepts.

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You can download Mindomo on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Mindomo app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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