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Milli the small snail

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 3+

About Milli the small snail

Milli the snail is the star of this lusciously produced and presented story encased within an app. By combining a look and feel that offers all that is great about traditional story books, with interactions and narration, it can offer learning and variety to your child.

Teacher Review

Once upon a time, apps that took their cues from print books were likely to be one dimensional affairs that offered little above their physical counterparts.  Nowadays, just a few years later, we are seeing them rise to  the quality of this one, giving us apps that have taken a traditional story and made it even more appealing to children than it could have been on paper.

The first thing that strikes a user of this app is the beauty of the art that fills each and every page of this story of Milli the snail.  Sometimes, when apps use a painting style that takes its cue from print, it can look a little contrived but this has been avoided here.  The layering and textures of the artwork build up to reveal Milli’s world every bit as well on screen as it would on paper.  Milli and her friends are also designed in a matching and just as appealing style, with what facial features their species allows exuding character and friendliness.

Each scene is further enlivened with subtle animations designed to attract attention and encourage further exploration.  Many of these can be prompted into further action, a small challenge, or fun sound effect with a tap from the user.  Just as children have always enjoyed pop-up books, anticipating the next turn of the page, so will children be intrigued to see what will be possible next time Milli moves on in her adventure.

As befits an app that is aimed at young children and early readers, the app is accessible in a few ways.  Parents can read it to their child and discover the interactions together just as they would with a physical book.  If they prefer the soft tones of the perfectly paced narration they can still enjoy their time together hearing the story unfold.   When children wish to revisit the story, they can do so independently, in their own time, and combine their developing reading skills with listening to the speaker.  The app makes it easy to move to a specific spot in the story to re-engage with favourite parts or to pick up the story where it was last left.

Being such a visual and audible treat, it would be disappointing if the story was not of a similar quality but fortunately it is.  Told in a rhyming style, each sentence feels lovingly crafted with a rhythm that lends it a poetic air.  It is happy chance indeed that Milli  is a name that is easily rhymed with, as this tale belongs to her as she searches to  find her place in the world.  Taking the advice and company of others, Milli sets an example for young children as they too start to think of what makes them who they are.

The story told in this app is substantial and with its high quality content is excellent value for money.  If the contents of this app were to be transferred to a traditional paper book it would be an excellent product.  With the flexibility and extra features possible from being on a tablet, this is an app that you should definitely check out.

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Android, iPad, iPhone



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  • Milli the small snailMilli the small snailMilli the small snailMilli the small snailMilli the small snailMilli the small snailMilli the small snailMilli the small snailMilli the small snailMilli the small snailMilli the small snailMilli the small snailMilli the small snailMilli the small snailMilli the small snail


Milli, the curious little snail, goes on a quest to find out what snails do best. The only snail on Apple Tree Hill, she turns to the strange and wonderful creatures she meets every day for answers. On the way she gets sucked into many adventures, but will any one be able to tell her what it is that snails do?

"I wish I could find out, I wish that I knew, I wish someone could tell me what it is that snails do. I know that I am curious and ever so slow, but what makes me, me? Well, I really don’t know."

Milli and her best friend Miro, the ladybird (who is neither a lady or a bird) set off to learn more about who they are and what they’re good at, and along the way they learn more about the animals they meet. Why is Wanda the Owl so clever, and how does Leon Chameleon hide so well? Find out, right here.

Told in rhyme, through a series of stunning, interactive landscapes, Milli’s adventures on Apple Tree Hill will enthral story-lovers both young and old. The gentle philosophy of the narrative is complemented perfectly by the wonderful, hand-painted illustrations and enchanting animations, creating a poetic, life-like world with so much to discover.

There is plenty of fun to be had as well - interactive picture elements encourage readers to join in and help shape Milli’s world, while there are always new details to discover.

Integrated, child-oriented game elements, in which Milli fans can help the little snail in her quest to find out who she is, offer even more variety.

Thanks to her endless curiosity and boundless enthusiasm, Milli makes lots of new friends and finally realises what she is really good at – being helpful.


  • An allegorical tale, told in rhyme, with a positive message – discover how a little snail can achieve big things
  • Wonderful illustrations
  • Hand-painted with watercolours and potato prints
  • Specially composed music that fits the story
  • Interactive animations
  • Loveable characters
  • 30 magical, interactive frames with an additional 3 mini-games
  • For reading aloud, reading alone or listening to
  • In German and English – for a fun introduction to a foreign language
  • Safe for children, ad-free and no in-app purchases!
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