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A beautiful eBook app that will keep children engaged for hours.

Migalolo ocean ebook Review

The Migalolo Ocean eBook app is free to download from iTunes, although it is a large file so takes some time to download. Once loaded, the main menu is very simple to use, with some information for parents, opportunities to find out more about the product range and the main two buttons allowing you to either start the story afresh or resume the story from where you left off.

The eBook itself follows a format similar to apps of this type. The text of the book appears at the bottom of each page along with the narration and the “pages” within the eBook automatically scroll into the next at the right time. The story itself is very long, with several chapters and an interesting storyline exploring the ocean and the relationship people have with it. In itself, this would be a very useful resource to use alongside relevant topic work, or just to pique the interest of children to explore environmental and global issues. However, this app’s distinguishing feature is that is is full of fantastic songs, each with lyrics relevant to the storyline, and with a combination of clear singing and high quality musical accompaniment. This really sets the app apart from the competition for young children’s eBook apps. The songs combine several elements that make them useful and enjoyable within this context - they are interesting and original, they really complement the story and they are very catchy for children to learn them and sing along.

Aside from the brilliant music, the app offers great graphical quality too, with each page, scene and chapter consistently illustrated. The pages have a clear visual style that allows children to engage with and understand the storyline, as well as to be entertained. The whole app is polished, and in fact, particularly with the storyline moving along itself, almost feels like an animated film rather than a book - inhabiting a grey area in between the two media types. Of course, it doesn’t matter which you choose to use it as - it can entertain and educate in either case, and the well-presented text allows children to read along as soon as they are able to.

The app contains a couple of other features that may prove useful, such as the ability to bookmark particular points in the story. Because of the length of the story, this becomes really handy, and would also be convenient for a teacher wanting to use a specific song or part of the story line within a class environment. Overall, the detailed nature of the story makes it a really worthwhile example of its type, and with it being free as well, obviously represents super value for money! 

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