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Mendeley (PDF Reader)

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 18+

About Mendeley (PDF Reader)

Mendeley app is a free citation and reference management tool for iPhone and iPad that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online.

Teacher Review

Add papers directly from your browser with a few clicks or import any documents from your desktop. Mendeley has plug-ins for Word, LibreOffice and BibTeX. We cover thousands of citation styles and you can even create your own.

30 million references and over 6 million researchers to discover in Mendeley research network. Their personalised recommendations makes staying up to date easy.

You will be able to access your library from anywhere. Windows, Mac, Linux and all browsers.

The citation style and tag tool really helps to have a clear organization of the files. Another useful tool is the file suggestion or paper suggestion using their community. 

Mendeley always helps users keep references organized. It can match all the details of each paper/article when importing them into Mendeley. If the auto-matched details are not corrected, it allows users to edit them easily. Currently, Mendeley is free to all of the users and so it does not cost anything for college students to prepare and manage paper citation. It can also be integrated with Word which makes it more attractive for people who are heavily writing/preparing technical reports.

The tool uses a cloud service to synchronize scientific documents to be read, highlighted, and commented and all changes are updated on all devices. 

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Organisational and Productivity Skills
Academic Relevance


In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - No


Elsevier Inc.

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Mendeley is a free reference manager and PDF reader designed for researchers, students, and knowledge-workers.

Make your own fully-searchable library in seconds, read and annotate your PDFs, and collaborate with others in private groups. Sync your library across all your devices including Mendeley Desktop, where you can easily cite your research as you write in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice.

Mendeley Features

  • Read, highlight & annotate PDFs from anywhere
  • Sync annotations & documents across all your devices
  • Save PDFs to your Mendeley library from other apps or your web browser
  • Use Mendeley offline during your commute, and sync when you have connection
  • Search your library for keywords in the Title, Authors, Publication or Abstract
  • Edit document details (Title, Authors, Publication details, etc…)
  • Download or remove PDFs on demand, to easily manage device storage space
  • All features are available on your Tablet or Phone
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