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About Memorize Slowly

Memorize Slowly is designed to help people of all ages memorize word lists linked to categories. It animates the words to make concentrating on them more interesting.

A fully functional version of Memorize Slowly is available on the iOS store. An in-app purchase adds extra options for users to match the app's use to their preferences.

Memorize Slowly Review

What is Memorize Slowly app?

Memorize Slowly is a memorization app for memorising groups of words that are linked in some way. For example, one of the built-in lists shows countries under international organisations.

To help players memorise the words, the app animates them. The words linked with the category dance about on the screen. Then, players have to identify the related terms as the app displays the category.

Memorize Slowly app comes with some built-in quizzes, but you can create custom ones, linked to your interests, lessons, and goals. As you'll see in this Memorize Slowly app review, the app's relevance to you will depend upon your learning preferences.

What we love about Memorize Slowly?

Watching the words dance around the screen is quite mesmerising. They smoothly snake around the parent category forming symmetrical patterns as they do so. It is more interesting than reading static lists of words. The custom list creation tool extends Memorize Slowly's usefulness. Student's revising for many subjects can use this single app to hone their recall of key facts.

What skills does it improve?

Memorize Slowly includes pre-made quizzes that include language learning, the periodic table of elements, and geography. However, the app's designers intend it to help you whatever the subject. Therefore, Memorize Slowly should be seen as an app that focuses on memory skills and which you can customise to your own purpose.

What age is it appropriate for?

People of any age can use Memorize Slowly. Its design is neutral and not aimed at any age group. It is unlikely that young children would need to remember lists of words such as those that this app works with best, but they could do so.

Is Memorize Slowly easy to use?

The app is mostly easy to use, but it does require some getting used to as not all of its buttons have an icon that makes their purpose clear.

How will students benefit?

Memorising is not an exciting task so any way that might make it more interesting is worth investigating. Students who are not succeeding with static lists might find that the extra visual stimulus of animated words in Memorize Slowly is helpful to them.

How will teachers benefit?

While the app's in-built creation screen is quite capable of creating custom quizzes, it also allows copy and pasting from text documents. This facility makes it easy for teachers to develop a single exercise that they can pass to students as a text file ready for importing into the app.

What Memorize Slowly can improve on?

The presentation of Memorize Slowly is quite varied. There is no cohesive design to its graphical elements which seem to be taken from different sources. On larger screens, some of their lower resolutions become apparent in jagged outlines. None of this impacts on the app's performance, but it does mar the app's appearance.

Whether the app's 'dancing, twisting, and swimming' words helps with memorising them and their categories is debatable and, at best, likely to depend upon each individual's learning traits. Ultimately, only you can decide this for yourself, which is fair enough, as there is a free trial to test it out.

How much does Memorize Slowly cost?

Memorize Slowly is free to download and use with access to basic features.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

An in-app purchase makes more functions available in the app. These include more control over the speed of the quizzes, an easy way to reset the app's data, extra options for the training units, and further flexibility to create custom quizzes.

Is Memorize Slowly safe to use?

Memorize Slowly is not aimed at young children, and they are unlikely to need to memorise word lists. If they were to use the app, they would not find anything unsuitable unless a previous user of the app had added it as custom content. There are no advertisements in the free version of the app and no social media functionality.

Overall rating of the app

Functionally, Memorize Slowly works well and achieves its aims of applying its training methods to the memorization of words. Although it could be improved aesthetically, there is nothing about its presentation that is detrimental to its use. If you or your students need to memorise groupings of words, Memorize Slowly could be the one to help with that. You can find out by making use of its flexible free-trial version.

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