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This Physics revision aid provides summary notes on a vast number of topics along with study cards and mini-assessments. Brush up on the essential details by search through the sections or by reading over the important scientific equations. Test yourself against the clock and get instant feedback together with your equivalent grading.

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  • Mechanics & Physics By WAGmobMechanics & Physics By WAGmobMechanics & Physics By WAGmobMechanics & Physics By WAGmobMechanics & Physics By WAGmob

Developer Description

WAGmob brings you Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app for "Mechanics & Physics".

The app provides:

1.Snack sized chapters for easy learning.
2.Bite sized flashcards to memorize key concepts.
3.Simple and easy quizzes for self-assessment.

Designed for both students and adults.

This app provides a quick summary of essential concepts in Mechanics & Physics by following snack sized chapters:

"Mechanics" includes:

Fundamental Definitions,
Force and its Types,
Resolution of Forces,
Force Laws,
Moment and Couple,
Friction I,
Friction II,
Center of Gravity and Centroid,
Moment of Inertia,
Shear Force and Bending Moment.

"Physics" includes:

Introduction to Physics,
Wave and Light,
Heat and Temperature,
Basics of Quantum Mechanics,
Electricity and Magnetism,
Laws of Electricity and Magnetism,
Static and Current Electricity,
Introduction to Electronics,
Sound and its Properties,
Angular Motion,
Formula Pack.

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