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Me: A Kid's Diary by Tinybop

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 7+

About Me: A Kid's Diary by Tinybop

Me by Tinybop is a great app to use with kids, to help them understand who they are and why each person is unique. In the reflective process of building a digital self-portrait, kids become more self-aware. As they also reflect on the others in their life, they see that each person is different. This app encourages kids to understand who they are, accept others, and celebrate our differences. That's powerful stuff for one app to cover!

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iPad, iPhone



Creative Development


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Tinybop Inc.

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Tell your story. Me: A Kid’s Diary gives kids hundreds of fun, inspiring prompts to help them learn more about themselves and the people around them.

In drawings, words, animations, recordings, and photos, kids can document their worlds: their families, friends, pets, feelings, likes, dislikes, wishes, and dreams. As they play and create, kids build self-awareness, self-confidence, empathy, and kindness.

Me: A Kid’s Diary is No. 5 of Tinybop’s Digital Toys series which includes the iPad App of the Year, The Robot Factory, No. 1 of Digital Toys. Each Digital Toys app is an open-ended construction kit for kids to build, test, and play. Kids develop creative-thinking, problem-solving, and storytelling skills.

- Create and accessorize avatars for yourself and all the people and pets in your life.
- Your avatar responds to you, expressing emotions you can capture and share. Send an animated drawing to your friends or save it to your camera roll.
- Ask and answer hundreds of questions about yourself and all the important people and places in your life.
- Decorate your photos with fun stickers and words.
- Create drawings with different pens, brushes, and colors.
- Record stories and sounds.
- Write on pictures and photos.
- See your answers turn into animations and other surprises!
- See everything you have created and recorded in one swipe.
- Safe space for self-expression. Nothing is shared unless you choose to.
- Original artwork by Ana Seixas.
- Original sound design.
- Open-ended activities with no rules. Curiosity and creativity are rewarded.
- Multi-user system.
- Fun for everyone: families can play and learn together!

Me: A Kid’s Diary by Tinybop is a safe space. Kids can choose to download and share what they create and who they share it with. No personal information or data is otherwise shared or distributed outside of the app.

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