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Mayan Mysteries

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Knowledge of the fascinating history of the Mayans is built up by playing through the various interactive stages of this app.  Due to its structure it is best suited for use by a single child playing through it until it is complete.

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  • Mayan MysteriesMayan MysteriesMayan MysteriesMayan MysteriesMayan Mysteries


Solve puzzles, gather clues and solve the mystery to catch the thief!  Explore the ancient Maya culture in this hands-on archaeological adventure.  Will you be the one who proves worthy of reaching the mythical city of Ich’aak?

•Become an archaeologist
•8 real Maya sites
•25+ challenging puzzles
•Investigate clues to solve the mystery
•200+ Maya topics to explore
•Detailed factual information contributed by a world-renowned Maya expert
•Immersive, interactive learning
•Beautiful graphics and original music transport you to the Maya world
•Engaging story and fun activities for hours of gameplay
•Cross-curriculum content: social studies, math, science, reading
•Puzzles designed for grades 5-9 build critical thinking skills
•Free to download
•Proceeds from all sales support middle-school education

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