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Maya the Bee: Flower Party

About Maya the Bee: Flower Party

The fabulous Maya the Bee and her friends have made to the app store and the result is a high quality app with a fabulous selection of games and beautiful illustrations. It has received top rating of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended status. 

Teacher Review

The app is based on the popular programme, Maya the Bee. Kids will adore interacting with the cute little characters.  The aim of the app is  to play as many mini- games that you can and to collect small prizes that will be used at the Flower Party.

The setting of the app is magical (set in a forest) with fantastic pictures. There is spellbinding 3D animation and the natural quality of the movements makes for a very engaging and heart-warming interaction. 

We found the app to be very intuitive and all the play is guided or there is visual interaction that small children can follow. Children will need little or no guidance in using the app due to these features which is why the app is very good for independent or self-directed play.

Overall, there are 6 mini-games within the app. Each character has his/ her own game (which is really nice as each character has such a strong and original look).

All the games are really good however, one of our favourites was the “Music” game in which you can learn  create different types of music and different sounds to fit the beat of the drums in the background. Whatever instruments that you choose, they will always fit in time with the music. You have a violin, a guitar, a keyboard and a brass instrument to choose from. The app does not teach the names of the instruments but just listening to the sounds and different styles of music is fascinating enough for a small child.

Another game is where you help to serve food for the party. You can also draw new party decorations for the festivities in another game. In another game you are asked to find the missing characters that are missing in the forest (a type of hide-and-seek). The other two most educational apps is a type of matching game called “Flip’s Thoughts” whereby the learner must follow match with Flip’s bubble. For example, he/she will need to choose between different sizes and colours of bubbles and the learner has to pick out the correct one. The final game is a puzzle of a fruit, In all of the games, there is full interaction with the characters who cheer the learner on as he/she interacts with the app.

We were extremely impressed with this app and we think that it is really amazing. Little children everywhere will love it. A true classic.

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  • Maya the Bee: Flower PartyMaya the Bee: Flower PartyMaya the Bee: Flower Party


Play and learn with the small, sassy, clever bee and her best friends! Different topics – numbers, colors, music, skill and memory – are learnt playfully with lots of fun and humor!

It’s Maya the Bee’s birthday and you’re invited to help her prepare the party. Decorations, food, guests – everything that a great party needs can be played for in 6 categories that are both fun and valuable for child development. Bit by bit, Maya’s interactive party fills up with paper lanterns, dancing guests, a lavish buffet and much more.

There’s lots to discover: Maya’s friends and many of the objects react to what the child does with heartwarming animations, thus ensuring long-lasting fun.
Many new elements are unlocked as rewards for successfully completing tasks, and then the journey of discovery can begin!

The App includes 6 mini games:

  • Make music with Maya, Flip and Ben
  • Help Willy correctly serve the food
  • Play hide-and-seek with Lara
  • Read Flip’s thoughts
  • Find the matching pairs in Ben’s game of memory
  • Draw new party decorations


  • Self-determined playing, pure fun

  • Playful sounds and heartwarming animations
  • Charming characters & original graphics
  • Child-friendly use

  • Child-appropriate content
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