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May the thoughts be with you

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  • May the thoughts be with youMay the thoughts be with youMay the thoughts be with youMay the thoughts be with youMay the thoughts be with you


Originally starting out as a self-published book, May The Thoughts Be With You is now an educational app and features a collection of positive ideas and wisdom to inspire your days. 

Each thought is both created and illustrated by British writer and artist, Charlotte Reed, and features her friendly and fun cartoon drawings of stick men and cute animals.

The app, which is suited to both children and adults alike, evolved because the book proved so popular with teachers who'd bought it to use Charlotte's thoughts as inspiring messages in the classroom each day. The thoughts can cheer you up when you're feeling gloomy or can help motivate you as you make your way through life and tackle its daily challenges. Children seem naturally drawn to Charlotte's colourful illustrations and positive messages, and adults seem touched by the pure, innocent and wise view she has on life.

In short, anyone can enjoy this lovely, little app and can hopefully benefit deeply from its profound words and unique messages.

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