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About Max2Math

Behind Math2Max's age-neutral look exists a well-made maths practice app backed up by superb reporting features that provide a genuinely useful insight into a child's understanding of the maths covered.

Max2Math Review

Looking at this app in one of the three app stores in which it is available, you may not find it as enticing as other apps of its type but you would be dismissing an app that deserves a closer inspection as it has much to recommend it.

Compared to many other maths apps, the look of Max2Math is quite striking for its no-frills aesthetic.  A black background with light-coloured text and green accents makes the app age neutral which is a plus point for some children but less interesting for others.  It certainly makes it useful for older children and adults who have, for whatever reason, slipped behind in their numeracy education.  There is no sound which, on the whole, is no problem, although if you need an app to work with children for whom literacy is a difficulty, you might prefer one with a narration facility.

Providing varied and high-quality maths practice is what the app is all about.  The questions are varied and are answered by entering a number using an adaptive on-screen keyboard that only offers the numbers or symbols appropriate for the current question.  Some questions are answered by dragging and dropping options into the correct place or into a correct order.  They all work well.  In most cases, when an answer is entered, the app detects it and there is no need to press an enter key.  While not all questions do so, some provide optional assistance in reaching the correct answer.

While the presentation is fairly austere,  it should not be an impediment to the app's use as an educational tool.  It is meant for short but frequent practice so it does not need to employ game-like presentation to encourage engagement.  That being said, a few simple changes could improve a couple of slight sticking points.  The most obvious one of these is that multiple-digit numbers have no formatting, such as commas or spaces, to help with reading them.   Another is being too strict over the order in which numbers are input where this makes no difference to the accuracy of the answer such as with giving the prime factors of a number.

The reporting section of the app is excellent.  Each question attempted can be looked at and includes plenty of useful information about the child's approach. Not only can you see where multiple attempts have been made but you can see what incorrect answers were given.  This can give a very useful insight into a child's thinking process.  Regardless of whether a correct answer was obtained or not, a 'struggleometer' reveals something of the confidence of the student.  It seems to be an encapsulation of the time taken and the accuracy of the input answers.  As such, parents and teachers can see where a child who is otherwise getting good marks could do with more practice.

Children get their own separate feedback from the app once they have finished each lesson.  This awards them stars and gives them some meaningful scores such as their success rate and time spent on the lessons.  The app can track multiple users and so is a great addition to a classroom device.

Appearances can be deceiving.  This app offers a learning experience far better than you might expect based on its appearance alone.  It has no ads to distract your child and it has no in-app purchase system limiting its usefulness until further payment is made.  As educational games rarely have the appeal of true games, this app makes a good argument for investing development time into making the educational aspect as good as possible and leaving the eye candy to entertainment apps.

Max2Math offers a genuinely useful maths practise experience, one that can be tailored to a number of different regions, and does so for free.  Yes, despite having no ads or in-app purchases, this app is free to download and parents and teachers are encouraged to do so.

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