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Teacher Overview

Matific for School Educational Math Games is a unique application that is suitable for an age range of Reception up to Year 6. The award winning Matific app is designed by mathematical education experts and is great for developing early-age maths excellence and scientific intuition. The application has numerous activities, called episodes, that cover a range of mathematical skills in a fun and reward giving way. Users need to note that they will need to create an online Matific account if they wish to benefit from the full range of activities that the app has to offer. Matific has an extensive portfolio of hundreds of activities and worksheets that are entirely curriculum-driven.

Teacher Review

Upon opening the application, the user is greeted with a splash screen for the app whilst the app loads. We did note that there was a fair amount of lag when loading the application this is mainly due to the vast amount of content. The app is available in a number of different languages and the content can be tailored for different age groups and curriculum systems.

To register as a parent, you are required to enter an email as well as D.O.B. Once you have logged in you can access the account on your device or on-line. We recommend that you do this. You can pre-load the applications activities whilst you are logging on to save download time.

Once into the main menu the app for schools has a logout feature in the top right. The app is split into three sections; schoolwork, homework and more.

The Schoolwork menu displays a huge array of mathematical activities. Some activities are similar but of varying difficulties. An example of the activities are as follows:

Number triangles – here the user is asked to place number values in the number triangle to the required sum. We love the animation and graphics in the app and it really enhances the user experience. There are 5 levels within this activity with each activity getting harder. There are also a number of options such as a refresh button, a volume button and a hint button if the user is struggling. If the user fails a number of times, then they are shown the solution. A score out of 5 stars will be awarded at the end of the level. This is great for classroom competition and motivation.

Save the Ball – This activity focuses on integers and the number line for positive and negative numbers. There are 6 levels here and the user is asked to place springs along a conveyor belt to bounce a ball into a net. The user will need to work out the number of spaces to bounce whether it be forward (+) or backwards (-). We did find this activity quite challenging and we would question the difficulties of some of the tasks. The users might consider some differentiation here with an added easy, medium or hard level. A score out of 5 stars will be awarded at the end of each level.

Identifying Triangles – Here the user has to identify a range of triangles such as isosceles, acute and obtuse. Once removed from the golf putting green the golf ball will fall into the hole to complete the level. There are 3 levels to complete here. If the user gets an answer incorrect more triangles are added to identify. Clicking the words highlighted in blue will explain the different types of triangles to find. A score out of 5 stars will be awarded at the end of the level.

Pour Yourself into – This activity focuses on quantities of liquids and how to end up with a set amount whilst adding and removing water from jars. We found this activity particularly hard and the developers again should consider some differentiation here or further tips. Once again there are a number of levels here.

Arrange Pipes – This activity deals with addition and subtraction to allow water to flow through connected pipes. The pipes can be positioned and rotated to create the connections. Once again we found this quite challenging for the age group.

There are a number of other games available within the application. The homework section allows you to have activities saved or possibly directed by your parent or teacher.

The more section provides even more opportunities to play these highly addictive and interactive mathematical puzzles.

The on-line version of the app has a number of interesting features for the user. The same games are available but in an on-line map adventure. This shows numerous missions where the user can progress throughout the map by completing the puzzles. Once again points and stars are awarded. Users can also collect cards of colourful characters.

This is overall an excellent application with a vast amount of content and variety. We are unsure of the range of differentiation available within the app. We would also like to see more hints within the puzzles and the option to skip if required. Another good feature would be the ability to have an overview of the puzzles and the progress of the user.

As for the main menu we would like to see the puzzles displaying what mathematical skills are within the puzzles before they are opened. Sometimes the puzzle title does not give an indication of the content. They could also consider multiple user accounts suitable to be used by a number of students within the classroom by switching accounts.

The on-line version has a lot to offer and the application supports this very well. The developers can be commended for the apps content and how it teaches across multiple levels with engaging and interactive exercise. The graphics, animation and layout of the app are excellent and this app comes highly recommended by The EAS.

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  • Matific for School - Educational Maths Apps and GamesMatific for School - Educational Maths Apps and GamesMatific for School - Educational Maths Apps and GamesMatific for School - Educational Maths Apps and Games


*** Please note: This version is only for Students in schools ***

Matific develops mathematical excellence and problem solving skills through playful interaction.

The award-winning Matific app is designed by world-class early-age math education experts, and is based on vast experience with math teaching and research.

Endorsed by elementary school teachers and principals around the world, Matific is the product of choice for developing early-age math excellence and scientific intuition.

“This kind of program, which gives students opportunities to explore and experiment with specific math ideas, is rare and much more valuable to my students than a tutorial or skills practice website. Lessons with Matific build number sense and mathematical reasoning far better than standard textbook lessons.” Cathy F. California

“Arguably technology is doing to maths what industrial agriculture did to food: making it efficient, dull and low quality. Matific doesn’t fall into this for me. It is exciting, top quality and highly resourceful.” John D, United Kingdom

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