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About MathUp

MathUP is a comprehensive, online, K–8 instructional solution developed by Rubicon Publishing Inc. MathUP helps build teachers’ knowledge and understanding of mathematics so they can better help their students. MathUp focuses on building consistency from grade to grade and increasing each teacher's confidence in making instructional decisions to improve student comfort and success in mathematics. MathUp is aligned to the Ontario curriculum.

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The goals of Math Up is practice basic addition and subtraction. Each level is randomly generated and gets progressively harder. You will be able to monitor your children's skills and progress by view report and statistic.


  • Addition: 11 levels such as "Adding below six"
  • Subtraction: 11 levels such as "Subtraction below five"
  • Mix: practice addition and subtraction.(Full Version)
  • Customize: Play by Number (Full Version)
  • Practice: Revisit incorrect answers
  • Report: Show Date, Time, Level and Score
  • Statistic: Show wrong answer, revisit incorrected answer
  • On/Off Show timer setting
  • Passcode enable to lock report and setting customize question
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