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About MathTango

MathTango is a fun and educational app that will help kids learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. MathTango is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

MathTango Review

MathTango is a great way to get kids excited to practice their math facts.

What do we like about Math Tango?

In MathTango players are sent to a tropical island to practise counting, adding, and subtracting in order to master addition and subtraction. Players are forced to use their fact families to construct and operate a space station if they want further practise with multiplication and division.

New monster or robot buddies are given to players as rewards for completing missions successfully, which can include looking for hidden treasure, interacting with characters, or buying things. As players complete puzzles and earn points to use toward purchases that will keep their new pals fed, amused, and dancing, they begin to practise math. 

What skills does it improve?

Intriguing ways to drill fundamental math skills keep children interested in the problems, which go beyond rote memorization. The skill progression is carefully thought out, and the difficulty levels rise as students perform well. Differentiation is aided through lesson plans, which may be altered to meet the needs of each student.

What age is it appropriate for?

MathTango engages K–5 students in fundamental computing practice through gaming and world-building.

Is Math Tango free?

MathTango is free to try and follows subscriptions to use games. 

Is Math Tango easy to use?

This enjoyable practise platform combines an interesting world-building game with simple-to-solve puzzles. Lessons give students a lot of practise with math while also covering a variety of developmental skills. The session incorporates both oral and written instructions. Math Tango is available on all Android and IOS devices. 

How will students benefit?

The endearing characters and captivating world-building of MathTango will serve as a terrific hook for what might otherwise be a boring repetitive exercise. The app has done a good job of balancing play and practice, even if some missions might just last a few minutes. Dance parties provide entertaining but fleeting brain respite while puzzles give several rounds to help reinforce math fundamentals and missions. It's also nice that kids may use the app totally offline, which means it is not reliant on a school's Wi-Fi.

More than 200 arithmetic puzzle games teach fundamental concepts including doubling, adding doubles, adding tens, and more. The games are brief and straightforward, and the monsters are adorable. The mathematical issues get trickier as kids advance through the game. An in-app purchase is necessary to access the game's higher levels. 

How will teachers benefit?

Daily Quests are chances for students to practise word problems, and they could be incorporated into the morning classroom routine. To concentrate on skills, kids can adhere to their personalised lesson plan.

The games are interesting enough to play with a group of students. Play with others or in groups to see who can finish the missions first or score the most points. Adults can select lessons from the home screen and even eliminate all but one lesson to help focus a daily lesson on particular facts. Teachers can even offer a mission as independent homework in this fashion.

How will parents benefit?

After each task, kids will eagerly await earning the next monster. Kids may practise basic math in a fun and engaging way with this.

What can Math Tango improve on?

Children might not become frustrated if there was a help or hint feature. Games are simple to play, but if they lack feedback or helpful instructions, players may become discouraged and not be ready for independent practice.

How much does Math Tango cost?

Math Tango cost $7.99 for a monthly subscription. 

Final thoughts

Teachers should be sure to introduce MathTango after they've taught the relevant skills and to monitor progress to prevent frustration because the programme does not include lessons or a support option to divert players even after repeated erroneous answers. Encourage kids to work together to finish that task because certain levels can take a long time to complete, which may cause some students to become discouraged or bored. It would also be excellent to have greater flexibility in placement because the limited mechanics of moving the blocks may frustrate some kids.

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