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MathsWatch is a set of mathematics resources (videos and worksheets) available to schools and colleges via an online subscription service. 

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Maths watch VLE is an online learning tool to help children practise their maths at home. It contains videos to remind children of the material that has been taught in class and then activities to apply what they have learned. It’s a great way for parents and carers to see the methods used in school.

Mathswatch is a revision resource that lots of schools provides full access to students for extra practice and consolidation. MathsWatch is a set of Mathematics Resources (videos, exam papers and worksheets). Each video on Mathswatch can be seached using it's number code. Each week, students watch the 1 minute videos for each topic. Once they've watched the videos and understood the topics, they will tick the completed box. If they do not understand the maths topic, students will click on the "Full Version" tab and watch the longer version.


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GCSE Package

240+ video clips covering every GCSE Foundation and Higher topic (grades 1 to 9);
230 '1 MINUTE MATHS' videos for every grade 1 to 9 topic;
A complete Maths eBook with answers - the only textbook you will ever need;
Teacher tracking tool of students' access to the resources.

KS3 Package

200+ Video clips covering the whole new curriculum;
250+ worksheets with answers;
Curriculum split into 4 Standards (Emerging, Expected, Exceeding and Excelling) ;
Teacher tracking tool of students' access to the resources.

If your School subscribes to the online MathsWatch resources and you have an android device, then this is the App you need. 

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