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Find the mistake! Mathsmatch develops mathematical confidence and encourages critical thinking through its refreshing approach to learning through mistakes.

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A refreshing change to the traditional mathematical approach of learn, repeat, repeat and repeat some more.  Central to this app is the concept that users are encouraged to identify mistakes and are rewarded for finding them, as a series of 10 questions are presented with “yep”, “nope” buttons.  Upon finishing the questions users are given a score, the time (if enabled), their answers, and the option to replay or change topic.  It appears questions presented to the user have been carefully thought through as many of the incorrect answers can be derived from common mathematical misconceptions.  This ingenious style of questioning not only improves the speed of mental calculations, but also allows children to develop their own mathematical shortcuts and identify patterns.

Upon opening the app, user are presented with 6 areas of mathematics, which when clicked, lead to different skills within the specific area.  These skills are either progressively more difficult or slightly different skills.  The app also allows users to view stats, account or preferences.  When viewing stats, users are presented with their overall results divided into the six initial areas, followed by a breakdown of each individual skill.  On this area, it would be nice for users to be able to see an end goal or an indication of which skill should be practiced next.  The account section allows the user to login with Facebook or by simply adding a name and/or image.  The preferences area contains a timer function and the ability to enter an email address to receive daily updates, a great idea to keep users motivated.  It should be noted however, that the app does require a constant internet connection and can occasionally lag when displaying the questions and answers, however as a relatively new app the developers have scope to constantly improve features.  In order to extend this app, they might also consider: offering more skills (perhaps developed by a user base); allowing multiple profiles including a teacher option or alternatively mapping the curriculum content to different curriculums. 

The app appeals to a variety of audiences such as children at home or in the classroom, parents supporting homework, teachers for developing thinking, not to mention the niche market of maths teachers who relentlessly encourage children to accept mistakes and learn from them.  This app provides a great starting point, developing children’s confidence, improving mental abilities and encouraging critical thinking.  

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