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About Maths Whizz

Maths Whizz is designed to tutor your child in maths and provide them with the frequent practice they need to progress. It is compatible with all devices, provides useful feedback to parents, and is educationally effective.

Maths Whizz Review

Maths Whizz is a long-established maths tuition platform that has won awards. It has grown with modern technology to become compatible with all modern devices. 

What we love about Maths Whizz 

The years since its establishment has meant that Maths-Whizz has had time to refine its process and methods. Its activities follow a clear line of progression. The Maths Whizz app guidance recommends that children complete what are called three progressions each week. Each one of these is made up of a teaching section, an animated exercise and a short test. Children can, of course, continue past progressions.

How can Maths Whizz benefits children?

Children are encouraged to keep working with the Maths Whizz app by its child-friendly feedback that lets them level up and shows their advancement through the topics. Once children have completed three progressions per week, they get access to a play zone where they can make aesthetic changes, spend reward coins and feed virtual pets. 

Is Maths Whizz safe?

Yes, Maths-Whizz is safe to use. While children are encouraged to use the Maths Whizz app independently, parental input is encouraged through the use of the parental dashboard. This too is web-based and compatible with all devices. Here you can access clear and relevant reports on your child's progress. You can easily see their starting levels and what progress they have made over different time periods. 

A thoughtful feature is the ability to award your child a reward sticker and a positive comment. You enter these in the parental section and your child will see them when they next access the Maths-Whizz app. This will be a positive note on which to begin a learning session. 

The longevity of Maths-Whizz also means that it has evolved aesthetically over time and so different tutorials and activities have a different look and feel. This does not harm their educational usefulness but it does make the content as a whole look a little more disjointed than some of the newer competitors in this field. 

Children interact with the activities by making selections and entering numbers using the web app's built-in number pad. There aren't, perhaps, as many different types of interactions in Maths-Whizz as in other products but neither does it rely on multiple- choice question types which do not usually provide a realistic challenge. 

An excellent feature, and not one often seen, is that the Maths Whizz app detects when a player fully understands a topic. It then offers them the opportunity to skip the rest of it. Far from taking away further practise, this is beneficial. Children, once they are completely confident in a topic, can start to make mistakes as their attention wanders and boredom with a task that is too easy grows. Letting them skip ahead ensures they spend their time on meaningful tasks, aren't disheartened, and their performance is correctly reflected in their reports. 

Is Maths Whizz easy to use?

Yes, Maths-Whizz is easy to use. The activities are clear to follow and many speak their directions and questions out loud to help those children whose literacy levels might otherwise hold them back. Some of the sound effects and speech snippets have some background hum which is a result of the data compression used to make it load quicker for you. It does not obscure the content but users are probably used to a higher fidelity in sound effects today. 

The means by which you access the Maths-Whizz content is a web app. This makes it work well well independent of platform. It is equally at home on different tablet devices, phones, and computers. This does make accessing the service dependent on having internet access and there can be a short delay between activities as they are downloaded when needed. How much of a wait is dependent on your internet speed. 

An area where Maths-Whizz excels is that of support. Its associated website has helpful guidance videos and a blog where useful ideas and tips for helping your child are shared. If your question is more specific than those covered in the general resources, there is also a live chat function that you can use to speak directly with a Maths-Whizz representative. 

Maths-Whizz is well suited to fulfilling its aim of providing children with tailored and on-going maths tuition. Whether it is used to supplement children's normal schooling, to compensate for long school holidays or help during other periods of absence, it will help children to hold on to, and extend their maths knowledge.

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