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About Maths to Mind Pro

Refresh and refine everybody’s mental maths skills using this app.  With a variety of modes, a wide range of difficulty levels and age neutral design, it is ideal for classroom and home. 

Maths to Mind Pro Review

Children’s mental maths skills need to be flexible enough to apply to different situations and fluent enough to achieve reasonable speed and accuracy.  A variety of good quality mental maths practice apps is of great benefit to the teacher or parent trying to assist their children in building these skills.  This app would make a great addition to these.

Maths to Mind is a straightforward and easy to use app for providing quick and easy arithmetic practice.  For some quick practice on the go, a class based competition, or a means by which children can take responsibility for independent learning,  this is a handy app to have available.

It is easy to customise the app to adjust the level of challenge. The levels range from a youngster-friendly easy, up to super-geek for those who want to practice until they really excel.  Players can also specify the operations that they want to focus on.  As well as the four usual operations, square numbers and square roots are also there to be worked on.

Teachers can choose a different play mode to suit their children’s needs.  For those who might need to take a bit more thinking time, they can play until they have answered 20 questions.  To turn up the pressure, and make it a bit closer to a timed test, children can play a 1-minute challenge.

These quizzes have a clean and easy to read aesthetic suitable for all ages. Older children will not be turned away by a childish looking app and younger children will not be put off by an overly complex looking design.  Questions are large, clear and easy to read.  Answers are entered using the app’s own keyboard which presents large and clear buttons to tap.

In addition to the straightforward quizzes, there are also three further challenges that incorporate elements of games.  One simulates the view from an aeroplane.  In this game, players fly through rings by getting arithmetic questions correct.  In another, children deal with the pressure of continually falling balls that can only be eradicated by answering questions.  Go too slowly and the game ends as they fill the screen.  Finally, a third one involves a catapult and clay pigeons to shoot alongside the maths.

These games are very much maths quizzes with elements of games rather than vice versa, but they do a decent job in providing a level of variety that will keep children engaged for longer.  The pressure they provide by, for example, not crashing an aeroplane seems more fun than an arbitrary time limit. 

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