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Clear and engaging mathematical videos wrapped in an app.  Claire, the developer and narrator, is superimposed on to the videos alongside mathematical questions that she talks through step-by-step.  Covering mainly lower tier GCSE topics such as fractions, decimals and percentages; inequalities; indices; algebra; etc. which might also be beneficial to student from 11 to 14 years old.

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Clear and engaging mathematical videos wrapped in an app, mainly aimed GCSE students but also suitable for key stage three (11 to 14 years old).

Upon opening the app, children are first introduced to Claire and her homepage.  From here, they are able to select from one of four different options: video; contact; preview book; purchase a course.  From initial inspection, the app seems like it is designed by a teacher or tutor (Claire), with the aim of tutoring individual children.  The first menu covers the videos available to the user, while the remaining three menus are dedicated to the tutor’s services.  The option to book an online course takes students to a link where they are asked to enter their email address to receive a discount code and a link to reduced price courses.  “Contact Claire” allows the user to send an email to the tutor, while “preview a chapter” displays a single sample chapter from Claire’s book with clearly introduced concepts, examples and walk through questions using mathematical language.

The video area is the main section of the app.  Upon entering this area, users are first shown how to scroll through and watch videos – by swiping left or right and up or down.  Once the video is selected, a medium sized clip appears - enlarging the clip is recommended.  At this point, an internet connection is needed.  It seems that videos are streamed each time they are played therefore a constant connection is required.  The developer should really consider downloading these to the device to allow users to watch videos anywhere without the need for a constant connection; alternatively, it might be better to download all videos when the app is initially downloaded.  The videos target students studying for their GCSE exams, however, could be accessible for younger children encountering these concepts in key stage 3.  They are split into seven different categories: fractions, decimals and percentages; inequalities; indices; fractions and the four operations; algebra; triangles; and rounding.  Each video varies in length but seems about 10 minutes long and introduces a range of skills within each topic.

Mathematically, the videos are well done and professionally taught.  With Claire stood at the side of the video, narrating it.  She clearly introduces the topic then offers sample questions along with an in depth explanation.  Generally, the videos begin with an introduction and dialogue about the question, followed by a method and explanation.  The narration is clear, precise and concise.  The video is engaging and with Claire superimposed alongside the questions feels like she is talking directly to the user.  At the end, it is not always obvious how to select the next video, but by swiping, the user is able to control the videos again. 

Overall, this app is worthy of its three star rating.  The videos are very well done and they succinctly introduce a topic and a range of skills within that topic.  However, it still feels like the app is ultimately aimed at promote the developers’ online course of mathematical videos.

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Maths the Wacky Way is now available for you to access anytime on your phone. After the tremendous success of her Boom Boom Pow YouTube video, Claire has listened to her followers and created new videos to cover more topics from the book, Maths the Wacky Way.

There are eight videos available for just 99p via the phone app so you can listen to them anytime of day. The phone app will also give you discounts when buying Claire's book and her new online course which includes further videos and 55 quiz questions.

After watching the videos on the app, you will be able to:

· Solve and rearrange equations
· Multiply, divide, add and subtract fractions
· Round numbers to decimal places and significant figures
· Find missing angles in triangles
· Solve and rearrange inequalities
· Convert percentage, fractions and decimals
· Split amounts using ratios
· Simplify indices

There is also a chapter from Claire’s book which covers the following topics:

· Terminology
· Negative Numbers
· Rounding
· Estimations
· Simplifying Expressions
· Solving Equations
· Indices
· Inequalities

All of this is available for just 99p!

Claire Gallagher (also known by her married name Claire Oglesby), author and tutor started teaching GCSE Maths while still at University herself. She was approached by family friends asking her to tutor their children in GCSE Maths to hopefully improve on their predicted grades. The positive results which followed led to Claire’s wacky methods being in high demand. Claire has now tutored throughout the last 14 years with renowned success.

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