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Maths: Super Elite

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 7+

About Maths: Super Elite

Maths: Super Elite is an educational game app that kids can use to practice basic math operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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iPad, iPhone



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  • Maths: Super EliteMaths: Super EliteMaths: Super EliteMaths: Super EliteMaths: Super Elite


Maths: Super Elite - Defeat Alien Invaders. Save the World. Get better at Maths.

Maths: Super Elite is a 2D action platformer, where kids battle to save the world from alien invaders.  Your child will practice common core math standards while battling their way through 45 uniquely crafted levels, set in 3 exciting locations.  This is a REAL game, no boring flash cards! Your child will be immersed in a world in which they will be the Earth’s defender, all while practicing Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.  Maths: Super Elite blends games with education all while having fun!

Customize your learning experience. Select the Maths sums you wish to work on. Choose one, a few or all of them for a bigger challenge:

  • Multiplication (1-12)
  • Division (1-12)
  • Addition (easy, medium & hard)
  • Subtraction (easy, medium & hard)


  • It’s a real game!
  • Learn while you play
  • Math is fully integrated into game play
  • Craft your child’s learning experience by choosing between Multiplication, Division, Addition & Subtraction ... or do them all
  • Parent/Teacher portal which displays current day's results and historical results to track your child’s learning
  • 45 uniquely crafted, visually vibrant levels
  • Create up to five player profiles
  • Fully customisable characters, with equal male & female characters to choose from
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