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About Maths Rockx App

Is there a way to make the necessary rote learning of the times tables actually appealing? Well Maths Rockx is here to get you up on your feet to dance and sing about it! Maths Rockx is available at the App Store for iOS devices (iPad and iPad) and the Play Store for Android devices. This app has a one time purchase cost of $9.99.

Maths Rockx App Review

Maths Rockx mashes together maths and music to inspire kids to learn the times tables in a unique and upbeat manner.  The students sing along to popular tunes but with the original lyrics replaced by the list of multiplications from 2 to 12. The songs on offer are from top names in the music industry such as Pharell Williams, Pink and One Direction (for those of us a little out of touch with what the kids listen to, this is quite a big deal!). There is even the odd classic thrown in, like Jerry Lee Lewis’ ‘Great balls of fire’ for the two times table.

What we love about Maths Rockx EDU

The main menu screen has four options, the first being ‘Why Maths Rockx?’ which is a set of Introductory videos on how the app came to be. This sums up nicely the back story as well as revealing the thinking behind the maths rockx app for the sake of teachers or parents.

The ‘Quiz’ option is a simple and straight forward random selection of 12 questions based on the selected times table. The maths rockx app provides immediate feedback correcting any mistake with a final score displayed at the end. During the quiz the background music played is the associated instrumental tune for the chosen times table and acts as a prompt for the listener. There are four levels of difficulty for the quiz available based on a time limit for answering each question.

Can can Maths Rockx help with times tables?

‘Time Tables’ is where the principal learning takes place. The list of the 12 times tables is displayed along with the tune that it is sung to. Once you select a table there are essentially two different versions on offer. The first is just a simple instrumental song which plays in the background while the lyrics are shown on the screen in full. The second is the ‘sing’ version with the tune pumping out along with a singer’s voice allowing you to find out how the lyrics fit the music. This can be paused and restarted by a tap of the appropriate button.

The last option on the menu screen is ‘Playlist’; a chance to put together your own sequence of tracks in any order.

The concept of Maths Rockx is strong and that is key. At the heart of it is a successful idea that is still in production and there are still some tweaks needed. There is a promise of an update coming soon that will include a revamped quiz and fingers crossed that will include a method of recording assessments. This would help provide students with an indication of their progress as well as identifying areas of improvement.

How much does Maths Rockx cost?

There is a one time download cost of $9.99. The cost for a single purchase is noticeably more expensive than the average app, however this is said to account for the royalties to the original music used in the maths rockx app. It is worth remembering that what you get for this price is a fresh approach that will certainly get kids on board who previously would have had zero interest.

Tablet technology has become a platform for educators to bring to life creative ways for effective learning and we have here a prime example of the success it can achieve. A humble experienced teacher has been able provide a teaching technique that works and shared it with other educators globally.


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