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Maths Monkey’s Quest is a fun game designed to support children in recalling and applying maths knowledge and applying skills.  A range of topics are covered including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percentages. There are four levels of difficulty in the game making it suitable for a range of abilities. 

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Successful maths learning does not just come from knowing more aspects of the subject, it also comes from being able to apply what is known quickly and accurately.  Two challenges to building this fluency have always existed: the limited amount of time at school, and the often boring nature of constant practice.

Apps like Maths Monkey’s Quest address both of these issues.  In this case, it takes the form of a well-presented app with gorgeous graphics and jolly sound effects and music.  If you boiled the app down to its essence, it would be answering maths question after maths question.  Hardly what any child wants to do.

However, by adding the child-friendly graphics and encasing it within a mission to protect the monkey from the approaching worm, the maths becomes much more palatable.  Maths questions of increasing difficulty are thrown at the child.  Selecting the correct answer on the worm's segments sees the monkey lob a projectile at it, taking Maths Monkey one step closer to safety.

The maths questions are of varying types and often word-based.  You might sometimes find that a question's difficulty feels a little incongruous.  Being asked what number comes before another seems quite a distance from rounding another number to the nearest 10.

It isn’t clear whether it is something aimed for by the developers, but a widely spaced difficulty level can have its uses.  It is worth remembering that many children gifted in maths get the simple questions wrong in tests - overconfidence leads to not reading the questions correctly.  Children on the other side of the ability spectrum might be prompted to ask their parents how to answer high-level questions once they have the motivation provided by the app.

Children won't want to play the app all day, that isn't what these bite-sized maths practise apps are all about.  They won't, however, rail against fitting in that extra bit of maths practise at home.  They'll be building on their school-based learning by keeping existing knowledge fresh and quick to utilise.  They'll have spent more time developing their maths fluency without a dreaded worksheet coming anywhere near them.

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Are you in search of an educational game to sharpen your child’s maths skills and recall?
You’ll find the answer with the Maths Monkey’s Quest - an entertaining game produced by the NSW Department of Education and Communities.


Maths Monkey’s Quest features maths questions on topics ranging from addition and subtraction to ratios and percentages. It is aimed at children from Years 3 to 8.
Answer questions by shooting the correct answer to keep the bananas safe. Add bananas to unlock new levels that feature more difficult questions.
The goal is to earn the highest score while you keep the worm away from your bananas!
Our app features a non-competitive practice track for your child to practise their maths recall without the need to protect the monkey’s bananas.
From there your child can enter the ‘Jungle’ level (aimed at Years 3 and 4 students) and work to unlock the other game levels:

· Beach (Years 5 to 6)

· City (Years 7 and 8)

· Outback (Years 7 and 8 – more advanced).

Keep track of your score on the High Scores leader board and have multiple player profiles.
The Maths Monkey’s Quest is presented by School A to Z, which provides practical help for parents of school-aged children.

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