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About Maths, age 3-5

An excellent app with visually appealing graphics, commentary that enhances the learning and an academic approach seamlessly incorporated into the learning experience.

Maths, age 3-5 Review

An excellent app that teaches and develops mathematical understanding.  Upon entering this app, children are given clear instructions and shown exactly what to do.  The full version of the app consists of 10 topics, each topic split into 8 different sections.  These sections systematically introduce, recap, reinforce, develop and extend the child’s understanding of the overall topic, before a being tested with a quiz at the end.  Initially, new concepts are introduced through visual and audio instruction, with children required to follow the examples before identifying a correct answer.  As the sections progress, children are required to delve deeper than merely a superficial knowledge of the topic, with activities designed to extend their learning.  Careful thought has been given to the apps pedagogical development.  This can be seen where children are given the opportunity to discover new patterns and ideas for themselves in addition to being shown them.  Further, new concepts are regularly repeated, ideas are reinforced with different approaches and mistakes are corrected before children are able to proceed. 

Each activity is introduced in a clearly pronounced British English accent with a carefully planned script designed to support literacy as well as developing mathematical knowledge.  Praise is given after completion of an activity, and as well as being told what to do at the start, children are again reminded of what they can now do.

Upon initially opening, the app requires an adult to set up the child’s profile as a one off event, against which their progress will be recorded.  This can be accessed through a restricted area, protected by a simple question, and requires no personal information other than a name to be entered.  Adults can also access instructions, links to other apps and links to rating the app.  Additionally, to enhance the value for money of this app the developers may consider adding a game at the end of each session, allowing children to repeatedly practice their newly acquired skill, perhaps with the introduction of a timer to create that constant challenge. 

Overall, an excellent app, certainly worthy of a 4*rating.  With the developers’ vision of reaching one billion marginalised children incorporated into their name, OneBillion, this is certainly an app and developer to watch out for!

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