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Maths, Age 11-14

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About Maths, Age 11-14

This app is suitable for those learning Maths at Key Stage 3. We love the simple, clean look of the app and the simple navigation. The app provides 5 levels of difficulty and good statistical feedback for the exercises attempted. Although the app provides a thorough test for the student we would have liked to have seen feedback given when a student inputs a wrong answer. However the app is intuitive and also provides a random test feature.

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King Wong

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  • Maths, Age 11-14Maths, Age 11-14Maths, Age 11-14Maths, Age 11-14Maths, Age 11-14

Publisher's Description

Maths, Age 11-14 is a Maths Quiz program for children aged between 11 and 14. All quizzes cover some of the most common mathematical problems for children of such age group. They are system generated and can be fine-tuned to suit a child's mathematical capability. As such, it is ideal as a training tool for your children.

Maths Topics:

- Arithmetics with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
- Negative number arithmetics.
- Decimal number arithmetics.
- Fractions and Mixed Numbers arithmetics.
- Order of Operations - BODMAS, with up to 4 operands and 2 parentheses.
- Advanced Times Tables from 11 to 20.

App Features:

- Random Quiz feature for randomized operators and operands.
- Built-in Stop Watch to time the child's problem solving capability.
- Five user-selectable levels of difficulty.
- Performance monitoring for each Quiz type and each Difficulty level. Detailed performance statistics provided.
- All quizzes are auto-generated by the iOS device and randomized so there is a virtual unlimited set of possibilities.
- Universal app - for iPhones and iPads.

Use Maths, Age 11-14 a few minutes each day and watch your children improve their Maths over time!

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