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Maths 4 High School

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An app that is appropriate for pupils’ quick self-checking.  The app provides quick answers to questions in a whole series of categories within the KS3 and KS4 Maths curriculum. Teachers and Pupils will still need to develop their own lessons and practice questions as there is no teaching within the app. This is a good app for encouraging some self-practice and self-testing with numbers. Please tell your pupils to keep a pen and paper handy to write out their workings with this app. Pupils, remember that it is always important to show your workings !

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Solve easily maths exercises for High School.

Maths 4 High School is the app which you will be able to solve many kind of exercises as:

- System of equations
- Quadratic equation
- Exponentiation
- Roots
- Pythagorean theorem
- Fractions
- Direct and reverse rule of three
- Great Comon Divisor (GCD) and Least Common Multiple (LCM)
- Basic calculator

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