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About Mathpid: AI math

Mathpid is a math learning platform new to the market but already an award winner. It incorporates artificial intelligence to guide kids through their math learning. Mathpid analyses kids' levels, supports their progress and teaches them new concepts in math. It is suitable for kids between ages 4 and 15.

At the time of this review, Mathpid is so new it is free. You can download the apps on iOS or Android and access the Mathpid platform through the web.

Mathpid: AI math Review

What is Mathpid app?

Artificial intelligence promises great potential for educational apps, and Mathpid is one of the latest to harness the power of AI to make it a better learning experience than others.

The question many will ask when they first see this app's claims is how does Mathpid use AI?

AI-based diagnostic test. Mathpid sets a short test for new users to establish their current level and create a personalised starting workbook. Mathpid claims that artificial intelligence diagnostics will determine the level in under ten questions with 95% accuracy.

Mathpid provides in-app and printable exercises for kids to practise and complete. Mathpid can create a custom worksheet or recommend a specific workbook using its diagnostic information. You link straight to some of these, while you need to buy others. You will then receive a link through an email to access them.

When you print the workbooks and worksheets, and your kids work through them, you'll notice some pages have QR codes. These provide easy links to supporting features such as explanation videos and answer pages which turn the exercise from just practice to skill-building.

Real-time AI-analysis.

Mathpid's artificial intelligence doesn't switch off after setting each student's starting point. It continues to analyse each student's submitted answers as they use them and adapt their future materials to match their needs.

Math Camera. Artificial intelligence will help your kids with tricky homework. They can point their device's camera at a problem and the app will recognise what is required and answer it. The problems can be reasonably complex, and the app will still resolve them. A useful feature is that the app will suggest further problems of the same type for the learner to try for themselves.

An AI Tutor

Kids are guided through the app and their learning by a customisable avatar which provides a personalised feel to progression. The avatar's presence reaffirms that they are getting lessons and tasks matched to their current progress. It makes a difference to kids as without it, the app might feel like kids were stepping through predefined exercises.

The app has links to some colourful and fun math games for kids. While links to these games are within the Mathpid app, the games are actually separate apps. Clicking a link for the first time will take you to your device's app store, where they are downloadable for free. Subsequent clicks will go straight to the game app. 

This separate app approach is unusual but does not cause problems and saves some device storage space if you don't want the games.

What we love about Mathpid app.

Mathpid is a very comprehensive learning, practice, and assessment platform. The use of QR codes is beneficial for encouraging independent learning. It gives kids the reassurance and tools to check their answers when needed but also makes it a deliberate choice. This conscious choice is important because we don't want kids to go to the explanations too quickly but to use them only for confirmation or to overcome difficulties.

The app's educational videos are clear, attractive, and consistent in style. This also applies to the worksheets and workbooks, which maintain strong visual links with the app-based content. The option to work on paper is important because kids need to remain familiar with this way of working for tests and other assignments.

Mathpid's feedback to students via the avatar was helpful as it goes beyond explaining how to answer problems and offers more general tips. For example, it might tell learners to slow down and improve their accuracy, which is advice many kids need.

Many apps state they have been designed in collaboration with academia or experienced educationalists but don't go into specifics. We were pleased that Mathpid added a background to its claims with named university-level advisors.

Mathpid has a math problem-solving function called 'Math Camera'. With Math Camera, you can take a picture or draw a math problem on your device, and Mathpid will recognize the question, find the answer, and suggest similar topics. This is a great way to get help with math problems, whether you're stuck on a homework assignment or just need a refresher on a concept.

What skills does it teach?

Mathpid's content is dedicated to helping kids learn and practice math. The app focuses on number-based topics covering from the basics to advanced. Early learners will begin counting and understanding numbers. The app goes through the different arithmetical operations such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication and incorporates decimals and fractions.

The more advanced topics include square roots, functions, equations and statistics.

From basic math to advanced level, Mathpid provides essential math topics for pre-K to Grade 9. The app has a virtually unlimited question bank that it can generate. All of them lead to short answers which are easy to enter.

What age is it appropriate for?

Mathpid's learning content targets kids from PreK to grade 9 within the US education system, roughly equating to kids aged 4 to 15. Mathpid's AI-based levelling selects the appropriate topic for kids, and its arithmetic content is universally applicable, so the platform is suitable for kids everywhere.

How much does Mathpid app cost?

At the time of this review, Mathpid has only recently launched to the general market and is entirely free. The publishers are open that this is due to change with the implementation of paid plans expected soon.

If the app follows the typical pattern of these apps, it will likely offer a free trial, but we recommend that you try it as soon as possible to get the full access provided in these early days as you assess its potential.

Additional workbooks the app might recommend based on its diagnostics are paidfor extras you can access online. These are perpetual purchases, meaning parents with younger kids can reuse them.

Is Mathpid app safe to use?

MathPid is a safe and secure platform to use. Mathpid uses YouTube to host their videos for brand marketing purposes. 

Is Mathpid app easy to use?

Students can answer all the in-app math exercises by entering the numbers on a keypad or using handwriting. Either is a valid choice which students might make due to preference or accessibility needs. The handwriting recognition was accurate across different handwriting styles.

The app does not use narration to read out its questions, which we'd like to see to help ensure that literacy or vision difficulties do not hinder kids' math progress. The app mitigates this to some extent with clear animations for its explanations which use few written words.

How will students benefit?

Some of the difficulties kids face when learning math come from a lack of confidence and the fear of giving a wrong answer. By providing its artificial intelligence tutoring support, Mathpid alleviates this anxiety.

Kids can see that they have moved on at a measured pace, they can confirm their answers before committing too many, and they have relevant, bite-sized teaching videos to jog their memories. Even when working outside of Mathpid, the mathsolving calculator will help them confirm their efforts resulted in correct answers.

How will parents benefit?

Parents who homeschool their kids will appreciate the support that the AI within Mathpid provides. It helps assure parents that their kids are working on the correct content at the right level.

Kids who attend school can't hope to learn everything they need in the limited hours they spend in the classroom. Parents who wish to supplement school-based learning should find Mathpid easy to build in as they won't have to worry about choosing content that matches their kids' level.

With the app determining what kids are ready to do, parents don't risk wasting money on apps or workbooks that are too difficult or too easy.

How will teachers benefit?

Mathpid's tools make it much easier for teachers to individualise lessons. With the app determining kids' levels and recommending the following topics, each child can have exercises that match their current ability. Weaker children won't lose confidence, stronger kids won't become bored, and teachers don't have to write 30 different worksheets to do this.

Overall rating of the app.

Artificial intelligence in education has attracted fear and suspicion, but Mathpid shows it can provide support and opportunity. It can work alongside homeschooling parents and teachers to assist rather than supplant.

Mathpid is a content-packed learning platform that guides learners effectively through their math education. We have awarded Mathpid five stars in this educational app review.

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Mathpid is an AI-powered math learning app for Pre-K to Grade9.

Whether you're looking to improve your math skills, prepare for an exam or simply enjoy math, Mathpid has got you covered!
: Empowering self-managed learning habits is the best advantage of Mathpid.
: Accessible Anytime, Anywhere on Any device!
: From basic to advanced levels
(counting, addition, subtraction, decimal, equation, factorization, functions, statistics and more!)

Let's dive into Mathpid!

- Personalized learning class by AI technology
: Get “My class” tailored to just for your math level. No more cookie-cutter training!
: Mathpid's AI diagnostic test identifies math level with an accuracy of 95% in just 3mins!
- 1:1 customized AI tutor for 24/7
: Mathpid's AI tutor instantly makes catches your weakness so that they can adjust mistakes as you study.
: AI:analyzing progress reports are generated by learner’s performance as each class is completed.
- Math camera & handwriting usability
: Solve tricky math problems immediately with our math solver and receive similar questions for extra practice, thanks to Mathpid's advanced AI technology.
: Use our digital notepad and draw on your device with handwriting, making learning paperless!
- Step-by-step Explanation & free worksheets
: Bite sized video can help you to understand concepts of math topics.
: Unlimited & free worksheets on every math topic helping math exam or practice.
- Math games & motivational contents
: Curriculum aligned math games help you to learn & play at the same time.
: Earn badges by completing fun quests and compete with others on our leaderboard.
(Leaderboard is coming soon!)

What does Mathpid teach?

From basic math to advanced levels, Mathpid covers essential math topics for Pre-K to Grade9.
- Elementary math including topics like addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, decimals, and fractions.
- Middle level math including topics like equation, algebra, BODMAS, proportions, factorization, square roots, proportion, functions, statistics.

Who needs Mathpid?

Mathpid is an invaluable solution for students, parents, and teachers.
- For students: Who need to improve math skills effectively and enjoyably.
- For parents: Who want to save time and empower their children to learn math independently.
- For teachers/educators: Who want an optimized and supplementary tool for math. Mathpid will soon be launching LMS features to enhance the learning experience even further!

Proven result by 1million+ users & Global awards

: 2023 MWC GLOMO Award Finalist (Best Mobile Innovation for Digital Life)
: 2023 Bett Award Finalist (Primary Digital Learning Product-Numeracy & Maths)
: 2023 CES Innovation Award Honoree
: 2022 CODiE Award Finalist (Best use of AI edtech)
: 2022 GESS Education Award Finalist (Best AI product / Innovation Product-digital)
: 2022 Mom's choice Award Honoring excellence
: 2022 Mobile Technology Award Winner
: 2021 iF Design Award Winner (User Experience)

Advised by renowned experts & Built by No.1 Edtech company

- Mathpid official consultant: Prof. Minhyong Kim
: University of Edinburgh
: Director, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences
: Sir Edmund Whittaker Professor of Mathematical Sciences
- Over 40years of experience in education
: 39 Edtech related patents
: 17 AI Education patents