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MathNook Elapsed Time Clocks

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 7+

About MathNook Elapsed Time Clocks

MathNook is a basic app which uses visual images of analogue clocks to allow users to practice identifying elapsed time. The app has a variety of different options; pre-set pairs of clocks for the user to identify the elapsed time between, and a set your own clocks mode to then identify the elapsed time between them. The variety in activities will allow thorough practice of both reading and setting analogue clocks and calculating elapsed time, while allowing the user to set their own pace through varying the parameters in each mode.

Teacher Review

MathNook is an educational app to allow users to practice calculating elapsed time, using analogue clocks as aids.

When opening the app, you are presented with a colourful home display screen, with warm and clear illustrations. There are four tabs to choose from to navigate your way through the app, providing a simple, no frills approach. The tabs are clear, with simple topic words to help identify the skill you would like to practice.

Using the instruction tab, users are taken through three screens of instructions in which the font is displayed in all capital letters to make it reader friendly for the younger users; the font is clear in white against the green coloured background, mimicking an old style chalk board. The instructions themselves use simple language to ensure the user understands the concepts. They talk the user through the variety of modes the app offers, to allow the user to get the most from their purchase, and learn as they go. Alongside the text instructions there is also another tab, ‘Show’, which gives a visual representation of how to complete the challenges. This change in format is inclusive of all types of learners, allowing all to access the information, and achieve the most from the app.

The remaining two tabs, ‘Quiz’ and ‘Random’, are similar to each other. For the random mode, users are able to select their time increments from a variety of options such as 1 minute or 1 hour. This allows the user to differentiate their learning, and advance to harder (5 minute, 15 minute) increments as they progress their understanding and build confidence. In random mode, the user is limited to identifying the elapsed time from two pre-set clocks, using a scrolling stop clock image to give their answer. The page is once again colourful with pleasant imagery, large font and it is simple to enter your answer. If correct, users get a green tick mark and the opportunity to try another set of clocks, if incorrect users get a red cross and they can re-enter a different answer encouraging users to persevere with the task until correct.

The quiz mode allows users to switch between calculating elapsed time from given clock setting, or to set their own clocks and then determine the elapsed time. This opens up the app for paired learning and further fine tunes user’s skills allowing them to progress further and extend themselves beyond the basic increment settings in random mode. Quiz mode further develops the user’s skills that they have previously worked on in the apps random mode, to ensure full coverage of application and understanding when it comes to elapsed time.

From an academic stand point the basic idea and premise of this app is promising, and it could be developed beyond the simple challenges of elapsed time. It is worthy of its current three star rating, but has potential to improve if the app expands its different modes to include a variety of teaching challenges to do with telling the time. 

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Screenshots for MathNook Elapsed Time Clocks

  • MathNook Elapsed Time ClocksMathNook Elapsed Time ClocksMathNook Elapsed Time ClocksMathNook Elapsed Time ClocksMathNook Elapsed Time Clocks


A great educational tool to help teach, quiz and demonstrate elapsed time. Perfect for classroom or solo usage.


- 3 modes to choose from
- Show Mode: Great for demonstrating how elapsed time works.
- Quiz Mode: Allows you to quiz on start time, elapsed time or end time.
- Random Mode: Great for solo practice. Find elapsed time based on random start and end time.
- Choose increments of 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minute increments in Random Mode
- Easy to use. Set time on start and end clocks by swiping across minute or hour hands.
- In app instructions as well as a video showing how to use.

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