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About Mathletics Student

At the time of this Mathletics review it is the world’s leading educational resource for mathematics, created by the team behind the World Education Games. Over 4 million students in schools across the world are a part of our global learning community. Mathletics is available to download for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and for Android devices. Download Mathletics for free now!

Teacher Review

Many schools have introduced their students to the competitive thrills provided by Mathletics.  If your child’s school is not one of these,  you can still let them experience learning and practising maths by competing against children from all over the world. We have completed a Mathletics
review to help you learn if they app will help your students and children learn! The Mathletics app is available as a free download to all subscribers and requires login credentials to access.

Is Mathletics any good?

Yes,  we love the Mathletics app. After completing a Mathletics review we found the best feature is the math practice section. Here, children select an aspect of maths that they have been working to understand and then answer quick-fire questions on it.  The incentive to do well is to beat other children working on the same questions at the same time.  Parents may well find that a child previously reluctant to spend time on learning maths becomes much more interested when it is for competitive reasons.

What we love about Mathletics Student

The question types are similar to those in other math apps both in structure and coverage but the competition element is both original and well done. Contests are readily available as the millions of users of the app provide a ready stream of challengers.  It is safe too.  The app deals with the matchmaking elements and restricts identification and communication between the players.
We also found after doing a Mathletics review that in addition to the practise section, there are also sections designed to help build knowledge.  A visual maths dictionary and other teaching sections complete Mathletics for the student.  Using these, they can clarify their understanding, revise old knowledge, and learn new concepts.

How does Mathletics Student benefit parents?

After completing a Mathletics review from a parent's point-of-view we think the Mathletic app very helpful! The app recognises that parents want to guide and monitor their children’s education.  In their area of the Mathletics account, they can set assignments and see progress.  A very helpful guide has been made available for parents to download and learn how to use their subscription.
A Mathletics app free download is available as well as a number of subscription terms and, as with most such subscriptions, economies can be made for longer-term arrangements.  Another option is to ask your child’s school if they can take out a subscription for all of the students there.
It is well worth using Mathletic’s trial offer or sticking to a short subscription in the first instance. Some children do find the competitive aspects to be a little stressful and other apps do exist for them. For those children who like to pit their skills against others, Mathletics could provide the incentive that you, as a parent, have been looking for to encourage your child to increase their efforts in mathematics.
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Publisher's Description

The Mathletics app is the world’s leading educational resource for mathematics, created by the team behind the World Education Games. Over 4 million students in schools across the world are a part of our global learning community.

What does Mathletics Student app include?

  • A slick and exciting student interface (custom designed for tablets). Use online or offline – up to two weeks of data can be held and synced when internet is available.
  • The Mathletics curriculum of activities - download new activities to your app in real-time, as they become available.
  • Live Mathletics - including TEN levels for students to play others across the world and within their school in head-to-head arithmetic battles.
  • Concept Search – explore the full glossary of mathematical terms and expressions.
  • All results and points recorded and synced in real time with a students’ desktop account for teachers/parents to track.
  • Teacher-assigned homework task alerts.


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