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About Mathleaks

Mathleaks teaches and supports kids as they learn math. It provides detailed math courses and links with Common Core State Standards courses and courses not following CCSS.

Alongside a math solver, online math community, printable worksheets and more, Mathleaks provides educational solutions, hints and answers to problems in over 40 popular math textbooks aimed at middle school, high school, and college students. Mathleaks makes its features available through a web app. Mathleaks is available for free to download on iOS and Android.

Mathleaks Review

What is Mathleaks app?

Mathleaks has seven of what it calls shortcuts to better grades.

The service’s comprehensive website goes into each one in detail, but these are the basic outlines of these seven services.

Textbook Solutions - Choose your textbook and find clear and detailed answers for each problem written by experienced math teachers.

Math Solver - Enter or photograph an equation for the app to solve

eCourses with lessons - Bespoke courses, problems and solutions only available to users of this app

Practice Tests - Tests that support the bespoke eCourses

Statistics - Assessment and monitoring tools to assist students and teachers

Worksheets - Additional practice exercises in the form of printable worksheets

Math Community - Discuss and learn with other math learners

In short, Mathleaks provides complete courses for students to learn math. These courses can be used as standalone learning material, but students and teachers can also link them to other courses and more than 40 popular math textbooks. 

What we love about Mathleaks app.

Mathleaks is a very comprehensive learning platform that pulls its component parts together into a helpful and supportive learning aid. Each one has a clear purpose and beneficial support, whether students employ them in conjunction with other courses or stick to Mathleaks.

The courses in Mathleaks are excellent. They are clear and well-explained and progress at a well-judged pace. Whether they form the central strand of a student’s math education or support a course based around another curriculum or textbook, they will be a valuable source of high-quality math-learning materials.

Integrating such a range of existing textbooks and other features adds flexibility and motivational aspects. Students struggling in a particular area can make good use of the extra worksheets to get further practice, get homework help from the solutions, and track their progress with the statistics.

What skills does it teach?

Mathleaks supports learners as they develop their math skills. When writing this review of Mathleaks, the app covers the Common Core State Standards for Algebra, Algebra 2, and Geometry. Mathleaks is still growing, and Pre-Algebra is due to arrive in January 2023.

The platform and materials also address the standards of some states that do not or only partially follow the CCSS.

What age is it appropriate for?

The math learning material in Mathleaks is suitable for middle school, high school and college students.

How will students benefit?

Unlike most courses, Mathleaks doesn’t exist in isolation. Its integration with other textbooks is hugely beneficial to students. A different perspective, explained solutions, and additional resources all have much to offer math learners.

There have been amazing advances in artificial intelligence that have created services that solve math problems from different sources. While students have to be disciplined in how they use apps to solve their homework questions, solvers have definite uses.

Checking that they have answered their first few homework questions correctly protects students from the disappointment of finding out they went wrong early on and have scored no correct answers.

AI-based solvers work great, but the human touch of Mathleaks in supporting students as they use textbooks is a definite advantage for making the solutions into learning aids.

Experienced teachers have created the solutions for Mathleaks. The educationalists’ insights from teaching kids ensure that the steps towards answers are logical and reflect how a person would solve the problem. The associated diagrams and explanations also reflect an understanding of what students need. 

For all of their convenience and impressive feats, AI-based problem solvers lack this sensitivity. However, the flip side is that the teachers who prepare the solutions to Mathleaks can’t cover everything. 

Fortunately, Mathleaks has this covered so that students don’t need an extra service. The Math Solver gives learners answers to problems that they enter. These can be from any source, and just like dedicated AI services, it can capture them from photographs as well as ones entered manually.

How will parents benefit?

Mathleaks is excellent value considering the features it offers. Parents don’t need to worry about whether it will conflict with their kids’ school courses as it will either link with it effectively or supplement it.

How will teachers benefit?

Whatever the basis of the course teachers are following, additional resources offering alternative approaches are always welcome. The Common Core curriculum-compliant resource material that comes with Mathleaks has the potential to save teachers a lot of preparation time and will help them adapt their lessons to match their students’ abilities and difficulties.

What can Mathleaks app improve on?

Mathleaks website had some issues with dead links at the time of this review. Many would-be purchasers will want to see the FAQ and About US sections, but these did not work.

At the time of review, the community sections of Mathleaks did not have much going on, but these take time to populate. The publisher is aware of this and indicates that this section will be more fully utilised in the next few months.

Good to know

Remember that the textbook solutions Mathleaks provides are to accompany specific textbooks. It would be impossible for the service to cover every edition of every math textbook, so you should ensure that the app covers the books that you or your kids need.

How much does Mathleaks app cost?

New users have two weeks of free access to the Mathleaks service via the web app or free-to-download native apps for Android and iOS. After the two weeks, you can continue to use a more limited version of the app or maintain full access by subscription.

While obviously not as good as the premium service, the free tier of Mathleaks is still a useful product for students.

Is Mathleaks app safe to use?

Mathleaks does not contain advertisements in any of its subscription tiers. 

Students must be mature enough to use the math community section of Mathleaks effectively and safely. They will be able to share messages with students across the United States, which has the same benefits and potential risks as any online communication if not used responsibly.

Overall rating of the app.

While you can choose many math platforms to support your child, Mathleaks is worthy of your consideration. Its innovative approach, which can just as easily support or lead your child’s math learning, makes it very flexible. Its additional features add extra value as you won’t, for example, need to subscribe to another math solver app.

Constantly using free trials can be detrimental to students as they deviate from existing learning patterns, but if your child is using one of the supported textbooks, this won’t be an issue. Try the Mathleaks free trial, link your child’s textbook, and use the many additional features that make Mathleaks a five-star app.

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