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MathLab Grade 1 is a quick to use and effective app for maths practice.  Offering a varied array of relevant topics to be worked through in sequence, as well as the ability to isolate just one for specific learning, it is useful for both parents and teachers.

Teacher Review

On your first glance at this app you may miss the glitz and flashy effects that you have become used to in other apps, but spend some time with MathsLab Grade 1 and you’ll find it to be a useful app that provides excellent, age appropriate maths challenges.  

It would be to do this app a disservice to call it no frills.  Yes, it is simple in layout and graphic style.  No, there are not multiple variations of games to play.  Yet it does its job very well indeed.  Children can get into the app and fly through the answers, if they are able, without delays caused by cartoon animations and the like.  No doubt many children love such things but others, a less well served section of children, do not.    For them they want the opportunity to get on with their task - to hone their skills, to build their understanding.  

It still remains very much an app for children and has its own simple charm.  The little yellow school bus traces its route through the levels which take children through ever more complex maths, starting at the most basic.  The questions are multiple choice but are as varied as this format allows.  Fill spaces on number lines, missing numbers in sums, time, and all sorts of arithmetic questions.  If children find they are stuck on a level because of uncertainty about a question type, they can work at that type exclusively in the Laboratory section (unfortunately spelled incorrectly in the app) until they are confident in it.  This section would be a good place for parents and teachers to offer their help.

During the game itself, or expedition in the app’s own words, the difficulty of the maths increases at a subtle pace.  There are thirty levels altogether that must be completed in sequence.  The player’s position is saved so the app does not need to be completed in a single sitting.  There is no facility to have multiple users with individually saved positions, which is a shame as otherwise this app would make an excellent addition to a class tablet.  It is easy to reset the progress through the app, so teachers can give it to a child and see how far they can get through it, so it can still be usefully employed in class.  Nevertheless,  the ability to work on it over multiple sessions would be the ideal.

A special mention must be made of the app’s response to a correct answer.  Thunderous applause and cheers made even this reviewer feel pretty pleased at being able to complete simple arithmetic, as it builds in intensity as answers are entered in quick succession.  It really is quite an incentive.  During the exercises familiar children’s tunes play softly in the background creating a more relaxed feel to the app.

Simple, varied and useful maths practice for young children is what is offered and delivered by this app. 

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Hoyoung Hwang

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