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MathGeometry: Fun Learning of Polygons [Part I- Triangles]

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A brilliant app that clearly explains the basics of polygons so that children can develop their geometry skills and learning. Although the app is rather basic, it contains all of the information necessary to learn the concepts. Moreover, there is a bonus game which reiterates the concepts of triangles and angles. The app has received the EAS Certification of 5 and EAS Recommended status as it fulfils the basic concepts necessary for Key Stage 2/3 knowledge on polygons. 

Teacher Review

Any teacher, parent or student will be grateful of this app. In the “Book” section, the basic concepts of polygons are clearly laid out in a manner which acts as a reference point. Students will learn how to identify self-intersecting polygons, regular polygons, irregular polygons, the rules that categorise them in each way as well as what differentiates a polygon shape from a non-polygon shape. We are taught about the types of lines, angles and accumulation of angles in each of the polygons so that we can learn them or use the information as a reference tool to keep referring to.

At the end of the “Book” section, there are a number of questions so that you can practice the concepts that you have learnt such as finding the missing angles based on rules of polygons.

Although the “Book” section is rather like a pdf and somewhat basic in terms of the interactivity that apps have nowadays, we found the content to be very thorough and practical. This is why the app has received the 5 star rating. Teachers and students will be able to use the app to learn as well as practice. However, it should be noted that the app provides little if no feedback on what has been learnt. . As a result, teachers/parents should be prepared to look over the work that students have completed.

One of the things that we really liked about this app is that there is a section in which the authors have stated the practical applications of the concepts taught in the app. I remember going through my maths classes always asking, “But whyyy!? What is this useful for!?” and over the years, I have found that I was not alone in this conundrum. So, the app has dutifully told me that I can apply these concepts to the fashion industry (how cool is that!?), design, space engineering, architecture, computer aided designed and the construction of buildings, bridges, roads and houses. Well, I’d probably have enjoyed maths so much more had I known that I could create so many cool things with it!

Once all the concept learning is over, there is a bonus game that helps students to practice their knowledge of the different types of triangles. The aim is to keep a bouncing ball moving upwards. Much like in a ping-ball game, the ball hits the triangles on its way up. As it moves upwards, the ball also collects a series of goodies that give the player points. Now, the point is that the player will hit the right triangle. Whilst you are playing, the screen shows you the triangle that you are looking for therefore having to differentiate between an isosceles, scalene and equilateral triangle. The game moves fast and you have to be quick in looking at the different angle sizes in the triangles so that you can bounce the ball off it.

Mathematical ping-ball, anyone? Yes, I think so. It is as addictive as Candy Crush and when it comes to your students, that can only be a good thing.

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Developer Description

The MathGeometry app is designed with the Foundation of Math and Physics concepts integrated with fun, innovativeness, and aesthetic touch.

For younger children: the concept of triangles are presented in a unique and fun way such that children will learn without realizing it.
For older children who are Masters of the Basics, can accelerate to a very challenging
Bonus Game.
The Book has unique designs which makes it a pleasant and fun read. It helps in the solid foundation of Geometry for Elementary/Middle school children.

A Special Person said - "............brilliantly unified Math-Physics concepts with fun and uniqueness. The freshness of the game with every single play is quite evident''.

Enjoy the Game!!

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