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About Math Playground

Math Playground is a free-to-use educational website featuring games, videos, and logic challenges for grades pre-k–6. Math Playground has many math games covering a wide range of math subjects and offering many play styles. Math Playground is a web app that will be compatible with any device you have. Its games reflect the CCSS but apply to kids following all math curricula at school or as part of homeschooling.

Math Playground Review

What is Math Playground?

Math Playground is a math games website filled with free games to entertain kids as they learn about multiplication, fractions, shapes and more. Each of this web app's games looks and feels like an entertainment title while also building in practice and learning for pre-K to grade 6 kids. Finding your way around Math Playground is easy as it categorises games by topic and grade level. The games reflect the Common Core State Standards but work just as well for any math curriculum or course. Math Playground has more than just games. It includes instruction videos, printable worksheets, and virtual manipulatives, making it an excellent resource for parents who want to support their kids' school-based learning or parents who exclusively homeschool their kids.

Math Playground Pros

  • Math Playground is a free-to-use web app which lets parents provide extra learning support for their kids without hitting the household budget.
  • Kids can learn with Math Playground on almost any device they choose. It is a web app compatible with phones, tablets, PCs and Macs.
  • Math Playground is easy to set up. You don't need to create an account for kids, install an app, or provide any payment details.
  • The wide variety of free games makes Math Playground a great starting point for parents homeschooling their kids. Use the games alongside your kids to show math concepts and provide practice.
  • As a free app covering Pre-K to grade 6, you don't need to worry about whether the app provides the right level of challenge.
  • Math Playground categorises its math games by grade level, but you can go higher or lower to match your child's needs without cost.
  • Math Playgrounds is a comprehensive app covering logic, number skills practice, geometry, algebra, probability, fractions, word problems and more.
  • Math Playground is one of the few places kids can compete on the same device as they practice math in two-player games. Siblings and friends will enjoy the competition, and teachers can use it to double the number of kids using each device. Math Playground serves teachers and homeschooling parents with virtual manipulatives. These tools, such as geoboards, multiplication grids, and number blocks, are great for explaining math to kids with visual examples.

Math Playground Cons

  • Math Playground is a free-to-use website, but its developers still have to pay the bills, so it relies heavily on advertisements. Ads are problematic in educational apps as they distract kids from the learning content and make them think about doing other things.
  • The level of educational value varies among Math Playground's games. Parents should monitor kids' use of the app to ensure they use it effectively for learning. There is a risk that parents think their kids are spending their screen time effectively practising math on Math Playground while kids focus more on pure entertainment.
  • Math Playground publishes math games from different developers, so the games have no consistent look and feel. Nor do they use consistent controls and user interfaces, and some younger kids might find it difficult to transfer between the games.

Is Math Playground safe?

The web app shows a KidSafe badge stating it complies with Coppa legislation. Advertising is not ideal for learning apps aside from allowing the product to be free, but Math Playground's privacy policy says that the ad network it uses is also Coppa Certified, making it as good as can be.

Math Playground has a relatively short and easy-to-read privacy policy which we recommend teachers read before using the app in the classroom.

How much does Math Playground cost?

Math Playground does not cost kids or their parents anything. There are no in-app purchases or subscription options. 

What are alternatives to Math Playground?

ABCya is a math app with many games. It is also free to use on desktop, while mobile users need to subscribe.

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Math Playground is a great math game resource to add to your other educational apps for your pre-k to grade 6 kids.

Parents will love it because it is free to use, so it comes with no risk, and it opens up many options to provide extra math support or practice for their kids.

Kids will love Math Playground because it will give them variety and fun in their math education.

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Math Playground has grown to include a wide variety of math topics, from problem solving and mathematical art to real world math and thinking games.

Math Playground is kidSAFE COPPA CERTIFIED. This means that Math Playground's privacy practices satisfy the current COPPA compliancy rules for children's websites. Math Playground earned this distinction after passing a rigorous examination of the entire website.

Math Playground is supported by advertisers so we can bring great educational content to children at no cost to schools or parents.