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Mathemagica: Math School

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  • age 5+

About Mathemagica: Math School

Mathemagica: Math School is a clearly structured app, which provides children with lots of maths practice across many different curriculum areas.  There is a ‘Practice’ mode where children can practise specific skills, and a ‘Marathon’ mode where children work their way through a range of questions. The app is responsive to the needs of the student and adapts accordingly, providing extra practice in weak areas. The areas covered by the app include numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, money, time and percentages. 

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Android, iPhone



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  • Mathemagica: Math SchoolMathemagica: Math SchoolMathemagica: Math SchoolMathemagica: Math SchoolMathemagica: Math SchoolMathemagica: Math SchoolMathemagica: Math SchoolMathemagica: Math School


Mathemagica is a fun and engaging math app for children in elementary school.

With daily practice, Mathemagica will turn you into a Math-Wizard!

➤ Do you love math but you're bored in class, and want to get ahead?
Mathemagica is for you!

➤ Do you suffer in math class and feel everybody gets it, and you are left behind?
Mathemagica is for you too!

This app is a genius tool that adapts itself to your level and gradually raises the level accordingly.
You are constantly challenged and our engine will also detect your weak spots and give you more questions in those subjects.

Mathemagica is not an ordinary flash cards game. It covers the vast majority of algebraic questions curriculum from 1st grade to 5th grade. You will practice not only mental skills but also technical skills like column multiplication and division, fractions, decimals and even time and money if you so choose.

Product Features:
★ "Marathon" mode - Lets you "run" through all math subjects available. Our original training engine will adapt it's level to you and will monitor your weak spots.

★ "Practice" mode - Lets you choose specific subjects you want to practice. This is recommended if you need to practice for a specific exam or you just want to strengthen your skills in specific areas.

★ Trophies - Win over 70 trophies as you play both modes and complete the different goals. This will help motivate you child to push ahead and practice even more.

★ More than 200(!) unique random question generators divided into 10 subjects:
Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Money, Time, Percentages.
This is by far the most comprehensive math learning tool for elementary school students on the market.

★ 6 different levels (grades 1 to 6) - We've tried to balance our levels according to the math curriculum taught in school. You might find, depending on your region that they are not fully aligned to your school curriculum. This should not disturb your children from using the app and the engine will adapt to the user level.

★ At any point in the game you can pause and view your statistics. You can then choose to go back and practice those certain subjects you struggled with. At the end of each practice session you will receive a score board with your score

★ Gorgeous razor sharp graphics with a unique and charming wood and metal theme to help keep your kids engaged in the game.

★ Both English and Hebrew languages are supported. We plan to add more languages in the near future. If you have a question in that domain or you can offer us your help with translating our game to your language, please contact us, we appreciate any help.

Mathemagica is available in a free evaluation version with a limited number of daily turns, but enough to let you decide if this tool is for you.

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