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Math Whiz Flash Cards

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About Math Whiz Flash Cards

A useful app, perfect for practice, repetition and mastery of the four mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  The incorporation of a timer with multiple settings adds to the value and offers children the opportunity to control their own learning and constantly aim to exceed their previous time or score.

Teacher Review

This app does exactly what it sets out to do, offer practice and repetition of the basic mathematical skills.  The app is intuitive and child friendly with a simple homepage displaying the four mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Upon selecting a skill, children are faced with a series of randomly generated questions.  They are able to select different levels within each skill and have the option to use a timer, this allows them to control their own learning and challenge themselves against either their previous score or time.  The skills and ability levels are logical and progressive, and if followed through sequentially with enough practice, will allow children to master the skills and develop their learning step by step.  Guidance may be needed on how best to set challenges using the timer and selecting the appropriate level, and perhaps the addition of music for different countdown timers would help with target setting and encourage continued motivation and engagement. 

The user interface is clear with appropriately sized numbers.  Buttons are big enough to be pressed inaccurately, as happens under rapid fire conditions, without catching the adjacent button.  When mistakes are made, the correct answers is noted, although to develop learning, children may benefit if this was highlighted further, made more obvious and/or repeated at the end of the session.  The app contains almost no written information and is therefore suitable for a range of ages.  Since it transcends language barriers, the app is extremely suitable for children who speak English as an Additional Language.  After viewing the developers’ website, they may wish to incorporate credits and links to their website since they offer other similar educational apps. 

Finally, it should be noted, that the app focuses on the practice and repetition, rather than teaching mathematical concepts.  This allows children master the basic mathematical skills, without which they will be unable to access upper primary or the secondary curriculum.  To extend the scope of this app, the incorporation of spaced repetition would be the logical next step, guiding the learner towards questions they repeatedly make mistakes with, thus addressing misconceptions.  Overall, a simplistic but effective app which provides an infinite number of questions with varying levels of difficulty either timed or not, this app receives a 4 star rating. 

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Android, iPad, iPhone



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Publisher's Description

Math Whiz Flash Cards is perfect for practicing and mastering basic elementary math facts. The app includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division cards. The order of the flash cards are random. The easy to use interface is perfect for kids. You can pick from different sets of math facts and set a time limit. Kids can use this app with minimal parent supervision but some participation is encouraged.

+ Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Cards
+ Timed option
+ Random flash cards
+ Big easy to read numbers
+ Easy to use controls
+ Classic format

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