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A truly customizable math app that engages children through gameplay but allows targeted learning at the same time. 

Teacher Review

Upon opening this app, children are first presented with two simple choices: “level mode” or “custom mode”.  “Level mode” initially asks children to enter their name, this allows the app to retain all their achievements and times.  This area is split into four different levels with each level then subdivided into four different skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with an additional section which combines all four.  Once a level is selected, children are presented with a 3 by 7 grid of random numbers along with a question at the top, to which the answer is in the grid.  A correct selection ‘splats’ the chosen number, while an incorrect selection makes a negative sound and a life is lost.  Incorrect answers prevent children from accessing the next question and are logged as an error on the apps scoring system.  This ensures that children understand and achieve the correct answer and by recording the mistakes, children are able to see which skills they need to repeat and continue to practice.  Times are also recorded, allowing children to see their best times so they can use them to improve.  Completing the main four skills unlocks the final section - a combination of all four skills.  Once complete this section reveals a certificate, which is cleverly designed so that children able to take a photograph and then print this out.  Returning to the main “level mode” children can progress through four different levels, presumably these map to different levels of difficulties; it would be nice for the developer to explain how these skill progress.

The second option is “custom mode”.  Within this area children are able to precisely practice a selected skill at their desired level.  This area is truly customisable allowing a child, their parent or teacher to direct the level of learning.  There are hundreds of possible combinations from the six main areas: the four operations, “number bonds” and “doubles”.  Addition and subtraction permit almost any combination of whole numbers added or subtracted, similarly the multiplication and division section allows practice any number from 1 to 20.  “Number bonds” included the basics: 5-10, then 20, 50, 100.  While “doubles” included 1-5 and 1-10.  With the range on offer, almost every skill a child will need for their number skills can be covered.  Again, times and errors are recorded at the end.  From a mathematical perspective, the ability to precisely customise these skills is the apps unique feature: it allows meticulously targeted learning, perfect when children have gaps in their knowledge.

Splat Square - An interactive hundred square for exploring number patterns. The children love the splat sound!

Finally, there are limited additional buttons within the homepage: music; rate; and further apps.  It should be noted, that as an adult using the system, the transition between pages felt time consuming and the developer might consider how to speed up these, however, as a young child using the system they might not notice this.  Additionally, the developer might also consider further features to prolong engagement, for example, a multi-player approach using different colours for each child.

However, overall this app engages children with the game play, but more importantly allows children to customise and select their skills, targeting learning.  Well worthy of a 5* rating.

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Developer Description

Math Splat is a simple number based app aimed at helping the user improve their mental math abilities.
The aim of the game is to splat the answers to all the questions as fast as possible. Each game is timed and up to 3 incorrect answers per game are allowed however each incorrect answer will result in a 3 second penalty being added to the final time.
Choose from 2 modes depending on age, ability and which math skills your child needs to practise.
Level Mode
  • Choose from Easy, Medium and Hard
  • Save multiple games – Perfect for sharing at home and in the classroom.
  • Solve +, -, x and ÷ sums which gradually increase in difficulty.
  • Earn awards and personalised certificates to encourage children which can be saved to your camera roll for printing and emailing.
Custom Mode
  • Create your own levels to practise the math skills your child needs to improve at.
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities as you choose the type of sums and the size of the numbers used.
  • Perfect for the classroom to let children practise the basic but most important math skills learned in lessons.
  • Choose to practise +, -, x, ÷, number bonds or doubling.
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