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About Math Solver (Funny Shooting Math Game)

Math Solver app is a mental-maths practice app that concentrates on addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  Players can choose which of these to practise, and the difficulty increases with progress, making the app suitable for a broad age range.

Math Solver is available exclusively on Android devices as a free, advertisement-supported download.

Math Solver (Funny Shooting Math Game) Review

What is Math Solver app?

Math Solver is a simple maths game that challenges players to use addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills. Blocks of numbers appear at the top of the screen along with a target number at the bottom. 

Players calculate which pair of numbers in the lowest row of the blocks will give the target number using the chosen arithmetical operation. Tapping on this pair 'shoots' them and, if correct, the player moves on to the next. If they are wrong, it is game over. 

What we love about Math Solver

Being free is a big plus for any app and Math Solver is free, albeit containing advertisements. The game is simple to understand but provides a fun challenge for short bursts of educational entertainment. 

What skills does it improve?

Math Solver directly uses players' mental arithmetic skills. They will answer questions of increasing difficulty that require them to add, subtract, and multiply.  

What age is it appropriate for?

The content in Math Solver is suitable for all ages. Younger children can begin playing addition questions and progress to subtraction then multiplication as their maths knowledge grows. The play experience does not have to be pressured as the time limit option is entirely optional. 

Is Math Solver easy to use?

The options for tailoring the game to your tastes are self-explanatory and easy to access. The game itself is easy to understand and play. During play, the user only has to tap the screen in the correct place to enter their answer. Whether it is played on a tablet or phone-sized device, Math Solver is convenient and straightforward to play. 

How will students benefit?

Quick and accurate mental arithmetic skills are, for most of us, dependent on practice and plenty of it. The key to making practise less of a chore is to make it as varied as possible, and Math Solver app provides kids with one more option. 

How will teachers benefit?

Having a variety of quick-to-play apps on a classroom device is very useful for teachers. Math Solver, being free, is a good choice to expand these app collections, and as its short games address maths skills that respond to practice, it is educationally useful too. 

How will parents benefit?

Children respond well to novelty. Parents can easily add this app to their child's device to encourage them to do some maths practice. The app may not prove to be a long-term favourite, but it won't have cost anything, and children will have done some extra arithmetic practice in the meantime. 

What Math Solver can improve on?

Many parents and schools will welcome an entirely free math app, but school policies and parental concerns can make the app's advertisement-based funding problematic. A low-priced in-app purchase to remove advertisements permanently would be a welcome option. 

A little extra variety would make Math Solver more enjoyable over a longer time. Bonus games between levels or one-off events during the existing games would provide additional interest and variety. 

How much does Math Solver cost?

Math Solver is entirely free and does not have any available in-app purchase options. The app contains advertisement videos which the player must watch to be able to continue. Advertisements appear regularly when the player advances a level or wants to start a new game. 

Is Math Solver safe to use?

There is no official website for Math Solver and neither the app nor Play Store page link to a privacy policy. This omission makes it impossible to see whether the advertisements served in this app are tracked or not. 

The advertisements are third-party and so out of the control of the developer. No inappropriate advertisements appeared during this review of Math Solver app, but one could slip through.

Overall rating of the app

Math Solver app is a simple app that suits playing in short sessions for the challenge of improving mental arithmetic skills. As it is free to download, if you don't mind advertisements, you have nothing to lose in downloading it to provide the whole family or class with another way to get some extra maths practice. For its value and competent execution, Math Solver has been awarded 4 stars.

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