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About Math Slide: Place Value

Math Slide: Place Value lets kids play a competitive or collaborative game between up to four players or with just one against the computer. The many levels cover place value regarding numbers up to 1,000. Math Slide: Place Value is available on iPad as a single purchase and is compatible with the Apple Volume Purchasing Program.

Math Slide: Place Value Review

What is Math Slide: Place Value app?

Math Slide: Place Value concentrates on the fundamental knowledge required for a solid understanding of maths - place value. It provides useful practise for up to four children simultaneously on a single device as they compete or collaborate to complete the level.

What we love about Math Slide: Place Value?

Math Slide: Place Value shows representations of numbers in a variety of useful ways. Number frames, words, dice pairs, and fingers on hands are shown as well as the actual numerals, helping children to visualise values in ways that will be helpful to their developing arithmetic skills.

What skills does it improve?

Kids need to understand how the number system works and Math Slide: Place Value app helps them to do this on numbers up to 1,000. This skill is the bedrock of much of children's future maths education.

What age is it appropriate for?

The app's levels are playable by all children who can recognise digits and understand that they represent a value. The gradual progression through numbers of increasing values and the different ways to show them gives the app a good lifespan that can provide useful practice throughout elementary and primary school-age education

Is Math Slide: Place Value easy to use?

It is easy for players to understand how to start and join in with games. It is slightly less easy to determine how to work out what skills each level covers. The contents are shown on the How-To-Play screen while the level-select screen only shows level numbers. This does not make things especially difficult, though, and it does prevent the level select screen from looking too cluttered.

How will students benefit?

The sooner that children secure a firm understanding of place value, the sooner other aspects of maths will make sense and be accessible to children. This app provides a fun and competitive environment that will entice children into further developing their place value understanding.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will only need a few devices to enable their whole class to practise place value reasoning skills. As four players can compete or collaborate when playing Math Slide: Place Value app, classrooms will only need a device-to-child ratio of one to four for all kids in the group to join in playing it.

How will parents benefit?

Parents of children who share a single device will appreciate them being able to play an educational game at the same time. Math Slide: Place Value app can also provide parents with a way to take an active role in their child's learning by playing alongside their kids. As they do so, they can provide hints and tips on how to improve. What Math Slide: Place Value can improve on? Children are used to their games being a bit more flamboyant in terms of sparkling graphical flourishes and punchy sound effects than those found in this app. The addition of these would make the gameplay of this app more appealing to children and enhance the sense of competition or sense of success in the collaboration mode.

How much does Math Slide: Place Value cost?

If you want to check out how Math Slide: Place Value app works before you spend any money, you can look at the other apps by this developer that are free to download but are fully unlocked through an in-app purchase. This app is fully unlocked from a single purchase meaning that it is perfect for schools who want to buy multiple copies using Apple's Volume Purchasing Program or anyone who just prefers the simplicity of a straightforward purchase.

Is Math Slide: Place Value safe to use?

Math Slide: Place Value does not contain any advertisements, social media functionality or inappropriate content. It is suitable for use by children of all ages who can make use of its learning material.

Overall rating of the app

Math Slide: Place Value provides excellent practice of the knowledge that children need to understand place value confidently. The addition of a multiplayer competitive or collaboration mode adds an extra dimension that not many other apps can match. This review of Math Slide: Place Value awards it 5 stars

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