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Math Slide: Basic Facts

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About Math Slide: Basic Facts

Math Slide: Basic Facts lets kids practise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a single or multiplayer challenge. Primary and elementary-aged kids will enjoy playing the app's challenge and improving their arithmetic skills while doing so. Math Slide: Basic Facts is available on the iPad (up to 4 players) and iPhone (up to 2 players). It is available for a single price without in-app purchases making it ideal for teachers who want to use Apple's Volume Purchasing Program to obtain it for their school.

Teacher Review

What is Math Slide: Basic Facts app?

Math Slide: Basic Facts lets kids practise multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition in a simple to understand game that features both collaborative and competitive multiplayer modes.

What we love about Math Slide: Basic Facts?

Math Slide: Basic Facts is in a well-served genre of Maths practise apps but its simultaneous two to four-player mode is a very rare feature and a good one. In the classroom or between young family members, this mode lets a limited number of devices go much further. What skills does it improve? Math Slide: Basic Facts let kids practise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Within these topics, various options have different difficulty levels with each concentrating on a different set of skills. These include doubling, number bonds and other strategies that children need to practise and learn to become fluent in arithmetic.

What age is it appropriate for?

Children should have a secure knowledge of times tables by the age of nine (year 4 for those following the English curriculum) and Math Slide: Basic Facts will help them to achieve this. The levels within the app start easy and increase in difficulty so these will provide useful practice for children who are hesitant in arithmetic throughout primary and elementary school

Is Math Slide: Basic Facts easy to use?

The app has a simple interface that is easy to understand. The contents of each level are described in text so a basic level of literacy is needed to know what each one covers.

How will students benefit?

The practising of times tables and other aspects of arithmetic is rewarded by increased accuracy and speed. Having another way to engage in this practice helps keep this process as interesting as possible for children. This is especially the case in this app when its multiplayer mode promotes a method of playing not often available on mobile devices. The increasing difficulties of the levels in Math Slide: Basic Facts ensures that children can start at a level that suits their current skills. As they improve, they can advance on to different, more difficult questions.

How will teachers benefit?

Math Slide: Basic Facts is very easy to administer in the classroom. It is not harmed by not having individual user accounts for the children as the scores it does preserve can be easily reset from the settings page. Starting from afresh each lesson is simple. With up to four players using the app simultaneously, teachers can let all of the children in their class use the app without having a 1-to-1 device ratio. Class arithmetic tournaments could be a great way to harness a bit of healthy competition between children.

How will parents benefit?

Most apps of a comparable style and price to Math Slide: Basic Facts have more restricted coverage of arithmetic. Added to its coverage of addition and subtraction, as well as multiplication and division, Math Slide: Basic Facts has the extra dimension of an entertaining and useful multi-player mode. This turns the app into a family-friendly game where parents can provide supportive competition to help their children practise arithmetic at home.

What Math Slide: Basic Facts can improve on?

Math Slide: Basic Facts works well as a game so it would be nice to see its presentation be a bit more game-like. As it is, the app is simple, clean-looking and perfectly fine, however, with some particle effects and other familiar gameplay feedback effects, it could become more attractive to children.

How much does Math Slide: Basic Facts cost?

This app contains no advertisements and has no in-app purchases to be made. If you look at the other apps produced by this developer, you can find similar apps that work as trials and are expanded by in-app purchases. The advantage of buying the app reviewed here is that teachers can use the Apple Volume Purchasing program to save their schools some money.

Is Math Slide: Basic Facts safe to use?

Math Slide: Basic Facts does not ask for any personal information, does not administer user accounts, and contains no advertisements or chat functionality. Its content is entirely appropriate for young children.

Overall rating of the app

Math Slide: Basic Facts is a simple app that works well and has the potential to provide useful maths practice. For providing a solid, if simple, practise structure but enhancing it with simultaneous multiplayer action, Math Slide: Basic Facts is awarded 5 stars in this review.

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Maths Adventures

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  • Math Slide: Basic FactsMath Slide: Basic FactsMath Slide: Basic FactsMath Slide: Basic Facts


Math Slide: Basic Facts is a multiplayer game helping children to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication & division basic number facts. Players play and learn by sliding tiles into the center to match an image, answer or equation. To progress and succeed at mathematics children need to be able to easily recall basic number facts. Math slide is a fun way to learn and practice this key skill.

This School Edition can be used with Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program for Education VPP and contains the same games as Math Slide: add & subtract and Math Slide: multiply & divide.

• Multiplayer game, suitable for one, two, three or four players
• Games can be played in Competition Mode or Collaboration Mode
• 20 games all focused on basic number facts
• All games can be played unlimited times
• Each game is a little harder than the previous game
• The app focuses on a critical math concept vital for success

How to play
1. Select Competition Mode or Collaboration Mode
2. Select a game to play
3. Players join the game by pressing the ‘Join’ button
4. Press ‘Start Game’, wait for the count down, then play
5. Slide a tile into the center to match the image, answer or equation
6. Once tiles are used the game ends

Math focus of each game
Addition & subtraction
Game 1 – representing doubles & pairs to 10
Game 2 – doubles up to 10, pairs that equal 10
Game 3 – doubles up to 10, pairs that equal 10
Game 4 – representing number facts up to 10+10
Game 5 – addition facts up to 10+10
Game 6 – subtraction facts up to 10+10
Game 7 – addition & subtraction facts up to 10+10
Game 8 – number facts with answers to 20
Game 9 – pairs of number facts: 6 + 7 = 8 + ?
Game 10 – triples of number facts: 6 + 5 + ? = 15

Multiplication & division
Game 11 – 2x, 5x, 10x number facts
Game 12 – 2x, ÷2, 5x, ÷5, 10x, ÷10 number facts
Game 13 – 3x, 4x number facts
Game 14 – 3x, ÷3, 4x, ÷4 number facts
Game 15 – 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, x ÷ number facts
Game 16 – 6x, ÷6 number facts
Game 17 – 7x, ÷7 number facts
Game 18 – 8x, ÷8 number facts
Game 19 – 9x, ÷9 number facts
Game 20 – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, x ÷ number facts

Maths Adventures Limited is a New Zealand company helping children learn mathematics. We develop apps that focus on the key concepts that need to be fully understood to progress and succeed in mathematics. Our apps range from learning to count up to understanding and using fractions and decimals, with each app focusing on one key concept.

We believe:
• Everyone can learn mathematics
• Playing educationally rich games and apps improves understanding
• Learning math should be fun and exciting, a rewarding adventure

Math Slide is part of our ‘play and learn’ series, which are games high in educational value where children learn as they play. Our apps are research based and classroom tested to make sure they help children learn. We use the power of the iPad and technology to empower teachers and help children understand and learn key math concepts and to unravel misunderstandings.

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