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About Math Ref

Have you ever spent hours trying to memorize math formulas? Math Ref is an excellent reference app for mathematics that includes over 1.400 formulas, figures and many other mathematical examples and tips. We think that this is an app that everyone should have, it runs smoothly, it is well organised and will be a worthy companion either in class or at work. Overall, according to our EAS Certification, this is a 4 star app that shouldn’t be missed for just £0.61p.

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Math Ref Review

Upon opening the app, you will see the menu with all the categories covering areas such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, finance and even the Greek alphabet. By tapping on one of the topics you will be taken to a sub-menu and after you make your selection you will see a page with definitions, figures and equations relevant to your topic. For each topic you have the option to view examples that are well written and are very descriptive. The user interface may not be very attractive but all the information you need can easily be accessed. 
The main categories are too many to list, but upon deciding to get the full version you can always preview the app by downloading the free version that offers half the formulas. We asked a math educator to check the accuracy of the information and he was impressed with the quality and the volume of formulas packed in the app. No wonder it is an award winning educational app. 
There are many apps in the market that aim to aid the learning process and Math Ref does it by providing the right data at your fingertips in order to facilitate and speed up the practical aspect of learning formulas. Students will gradually memorize or remember formulas for math and science-based topics much easier because of the visual perspective the app offers.
The app is useful for students with some knowledge of math and sometimes they might need some guidance to reinforce some of the more complex formulas and diagrams presented in the app. Some might think that with so many tools it will be difficult to find what they need but the search function will solve that problem. One of our recommendations is to move the search and tools buttons at the top of the menu because they will be frequently used.
We liked the interactive periodic table, the mathematical diagrams which are clearly illustrated and the tools provided. We think the unit converter is a very good addition even though sometimes the information wasn’t displaying properly on our android smartphone. 
We have to specify that the version of Math Ref for iOS includes more features (for ): you can add to favourites your most used equations, there is a print support function, editable notes and all around a better user interface. We hope the iOS functions will feature soon on the android app. The current version receives 4 stars EAS Certification, and we are confident that new features will make it a 5 stars app in the future.

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