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Math Recall

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About Math Recall

This is a no nonsense app that delivers a programme to achieve mastery in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Teacher Review

Math Recall is an app on a mission to get the user on a path to mastery of basic math skills. This intelligent software tracks your every move and records your progress through a comprehensive matrix of 676 problems, which then visually highlights the problems you have answered correctly and provides a summary of the average time you took to respond. 

Downloading the app is a very straightforward task and the user is launched into a locked portrait mode screen with four options, tap on the general screen to start the program, tap on the small cogs icon to set up the user preferences, tapping on a large yellow text field marked ‘See Your Results’ in square brackets gets you to the progress summary screen and finally tap on a post box icon to contact the developer.

When the user selects the main screen to start the game they are given a choice of activities, displayed as a deck of slate blackboards with simplistic white numbers, enhancing the no-nonsense style of delivery. The Flash Card option with or without answers simply displays a number of different maths problems to give you a feel for the ensuing activities. The practice activity is simply that, an infinitely repeating set of exercises designed to warm you up and get you into the zone to progress to the next activities.  The timed section presents you with activities and records the time it takes for the correct response to be entered and this is calculated as an average time. The next step up is a set of activities where the user must enter the missing number to calculate the correct answer, an important phase for a deeper embedding of the correct solutions. Finally the mastery level is designed to ensure that the user gets an ever-increasing number of answers correct in sequence until they progress to an ever-increasing number of correct answers in sequence. 

Each activity screen has a generic set of basic settings where the user can choose one or any number of operators: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. A range of numbers: 0-5, 0-10, 0-12, or a custom setting which opens up a menu with options to choose a number range of up to 15 with negative numbers.

The settings menu from the start screen provides the user with further options. The user can select to just enter the answer and this will be used as the response immediately without tapping on the equals sign, truly a must for the master trying to reduce response time averages. The user also has the option to see the correct answer if they have entered the wrong number. 

The menu also includes a comprehensive set of sound controls. Background music selection has a big range of styles to choose from and enhanced my knowledge of various music genres, although I generally stuck with Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata! The user can also set a right and wrong answer sound and even a wrong answer vibration, which was not tested because I did not want to bring down my averages in the quest for mastery.

This app makes no pretence at being anything other than a straightforward mastery programme, which will demand concentration and contains a relentless drilling, the developers have achieved what they have set out to achieve. The app is a bit like Marmite for some it will be highly addictive with a noble objective but for others it could be too focussed with not enough feedback and encouragement, which for the younger more fragile learners may be necessary. This is certainly an app for the busy teachers toolbox ready to be deployed at various intervals when necessary.

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iPad, iPhone



Cognitive Development
Organisational and Productivity Skills
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Learn, Practice, and Master Math Basics Fast.
MATH RECALL is intelligent software that monitors what you know and where you still need practice. Covers +, −, ×, ÷. Great for kids and adults. No Ads. No InApp purchases!

→No cartoonish problems -- just the facts for rapid recall
→ Operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
→ 0-15 Number Families
→ 5 Separate Activities:
+ Flash Cards (with answers)
+ Practice Cards (without answers)
+ Timed Answers
+ Fill in Blank (e.g., ? x 8 = 56)
+ Mastery with 10 separate levels
→ Complete Customization
+ individual or mixed operations
+ specific number choices for operands
+ negatives (top operand, bottom operand)
+ commutativity
+ speed entry (no need to type = sign)
+ sounds/vibrations
→ Intelligent
+ Mastery levels designed to prove competency
+ Remembers mistakes and helps practice for mastery
→ Feedback / Monitoring
+ Positive/Negative sound reinforcement
+ Fact Table summary of right/wrong answers
+ Easy for student/parent/teacher to monitor progress
→ No Ads. No InApp purchases!

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