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About Cool Math Race games for Kids

Cool Math Race games for Kids is a multiple-choice arithmetic quiz that enhances the experience with a game-like look and feel. Kids can use it to practice simple calculations using addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. The app has single-player learning and game modes and a two-player head-to-head mode that links up two Android devices on the same WiFi network.

There is no free trial of Cool Math Race available, but you can download the full version for a low price on the Play Store.

Cool Math Race games for Kids Review

What is Cool Math Race games for Kids app?

Cool Math Race presents a multiple-choice arithmetic quiz and practice activities in a computer game style. The learning section shows groups of cars to help kids visualise simple addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. 

Kids can adjust the difficulty levels with two sliders - one for speed and one for difficulty. The difficulty setting adjusts the questions from a level young kids can attempt up to a challenge suitable for sixth grade/year six kids.

The speed slider changes how fast the computer-controlled car moves. Higher settings put kids under more pressure to answer quickly.

The two controls combine to provide a nicely granular difficulty curve as kids can increase the arithmetics complexity but lower the time pressure while they adapt.

There is an option for kids to focus each race on a specific type of calculation or a mixed challenge where the questions could be multiplication, division, addition, or subtraction.

The game section encourages kids to speed up their accuracy and calculation time as the quicker they enter the answers, the quicker their car moves towards the finish line. Kids can compete against others on the same network by linking their Android devices.

What we love about Cool Math Race games for Kids app.

Gamification is a popular way to entice kids into learning. There are multiple game-like elements apps can use, such as scoreboards, achievements, game-style graphics and more.

Math Race goes for the graphical approach and does it well. The game and activities are in colourful and clear 3D that would not be out of place in an entertainment title. 

Surprisingly, few educational apps harness kids’ competitive spirits to motivate them to play, especially for kids in the same room. A few apps have a same-device versus mode, but Math Race has a head-to-head Local Area Network (LAN) mode. 

This feature lets kids hook up two Android devices on the same network to compete against each other. Getting this started isn’t exactly a one-click affair, but with adult help, young kids should be able to enjoy playing against siblings or friends.

What skills does it teach?

Math Race provides practice answering addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication questions.

What age is it appropriate for?

Math Race sets questions ranging from single-digit additions to divisions with non-whole number answers. The range covers a complexity suited to kids aged between five and eleven.

Is Cool Math Race games for Kids app easy to use?

Math Race is easy to use and understand. The app uses speech to ask the questions in the practice section but not for the in-game ones.

The practice levels and the game are easy to play, as the user needs only to tap the correct answer from a selection of four.

Setting up the LAN games would be fairly difficult for young children to do alone as it requires entering IP addresses and following an unguided process. The app does have written instructions, but these are of a complexity that would exceed the abilities of a child for whom this app is suitable.

How will students benefit?

Kids welcome anything that makes math practice more interesting and less like a test. Within the range of questions offered by Math Race, it provides kids with an enticing activity that will undoubtedly be more interesting than a paper-based practice exercise.

How will parents benefit?

Kids like new things, and apps can be a quick and easy treat to give to kids. With its game-like look, kids will happily start playing it and before they know it, they’ll have practised math.

Kids who hook up their devices will enjoy the novelty of competing with somebody in their presence rather than remotely.

How will teachers benefit?

Cool Math Race does not contain advertisements or in-app purchases, which makes it easy for schools to administer and ensure it conforms to their policies.

The short play time of each level will also make the app easy to fit into lessons and allow a single device to be shared quickly among multiple players. There should be no reason that two devices in a classroom could not be linked together to allow kids to compete as they practise.

How much does Cool Math Race games for Kids app cost?

The app is currently free to download and play.

Is Cool Math Race games for Kids app safe to use?

There is no inappropriate content in the app. Math Race does not show advertisements or ask for personal details. The two-player mode will only work if both devices are already authorised to work on the same network.

What can Cool Math Race games for Kids app improve on?

The app uses a / instead of ÷, which might need explaining to young kids. Ideally, we’d prefer to see the division sign for kids at this level. Furthermore, we’d like to see the division questions limited to those with whole-number answers in the easy settings.

During the review of Math Race, it received multiple updates, each improving the app and showing it is under active development.

Overall rating of the app.

Cool Math Race is essentially a gamified multiple-choice quiz. Such apps aren’t uncommon, but Math Race keeps up with its competitors. This app succeeds in looking the part, and the LAN mode is something not found on other apps of this type

Cool Math Race is a fun practice app available for a one-off purchase. It offers kids an additional way to practice mental arithmetic that is more fun than worksheets and quizzes. Its cost balances well against its feature set and potential longevity, so we have awarded it four stars in this educational app review.

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