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Wow!  A wealth of precisely customisable mathematical questions that can be answered, or played, in one of four games.

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This is a long term app which user will come back to time and time again.  This app covers the basic four operations, but more importantly allows complete customisation of every element, including the operation selected, numbers used, question style or even the game played.
Upon initial entry the app can seem overwhelming with the amount of information presented, however, given the range of variables on offer it’s understandable why this is needed, and once the user is familiar with the design it is relatively logical to navigate and select the desired skill.  When selecting one of the four different games on offer: Classroom, Concentration, Challenge or Comparator, the user is able to modify all element of gameplay and mathematical questions.  Initially, they must choose the desired operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, or a combination of these.  Next, users can decide on how questions are presented: in a standard format (1+2=?), in a non-standard format (1+?=3) or as a multi-step or ‘complex’ question.  The third option concerns the method of input, a feature rarely seen on other apps, and gives the user a sense of control: “choice” provides multiple choice questions, “keyboard” allows an input to be entered as a numeric answer, while “handwriting” enables the user to handwrite the answer which is automatically recognised (mostly).  The final step involves selecting the numbers to be used in the questions presented – for children practicing their multiplication tables, this is ideal.  The combination of variables available from within these selections gives the user complete control over the precise skill being practiced.  For younger children, adult supervision will be useful during initial teaching, however, for older children or for those more competent, they should be able to guide their level of skills.
Concerning the four games, ‘Classroom’ mode presents questions in a standard format, where scores are marked instantly and tracked.  The ‘Challenge’ level extends this feature, instead timing questions with a 2 minute countdown.  ‘Concentration’ introduced a memory games, where the user must memorise the position of questions and answers before matching these together.  Finally, ‘Comparator’ takes the learning a little deeper, requiring the user to calculate the answer to all questions before selecting either the largest or smallest answer.  In addition, the app has a useful help section which is vast - mainly suitable for adults – that explains every feature in detail, perhaps too much detail for the children playing with the app.  A further unusual feature concerns the ability to alter the font being displayed.  As with other aspects of the design, it isn’t always clear what the purpose of the buttons are until the user reads the help section or simply plays around with this as a feature.
Overall, this extremely customisable app is worthy of a four star rating.  Some further development to the user interface or simple tweaks would easily increase this to a 5 star rating.
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Math Panda is a free exciting educational game for K-12 students that will also entertain parents, grandparents, and other math enthusiasts! Whether you’re learning basic addition and subtraction, trying to master multiplication tables, or just want to keep sharp, Math Panda is for you. Easily adjusted parameters ensure you are always playing at just the right level to have fun and build your skills.
"It’s clear that Math Panda has enough included to make it an appealing and more than competent app that parents and little ones will find genuinely helpful" says AndroidHeadlines!
Math Panda is 4 Games in 1:
In Classroom mode, choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division along with level of complexity, and Math Panda serves up math problems in a playful, untimed environment. Hippo counts correct answers, Pig counts incorrect answers, and Rabbit displays elapsed time. In Challenge mode, try to solve as many problems as you can in two minutes to unlock new rounds of Concentration. Also known as Memory or Pairs, Math Panda’s version of Concentration matches math problems with solutions. Match 2+2 with 4 or 6x7 with 42. Math Panda Concentration makes practice so fun it’s addictive! Finally, treat yourself to a multi-choice game of Comparator, or challenge your friends to see who gets the highest score!
Select your Math Panda environment from the following options:
★ Multiple-choice: Select the correct answer from four choices.
★ Keyboard: Type your answer using a calculator-like display.
★ Handwriting: Write directly on the screen with your finger or stylus and Math Panda will use its state-of-the-art HandWriting Recognition (HWR) neural network to read your answer!
You can also select font style, and Math Panda's engaging graphics are scalable to any device size. Panda, Hippo, Pig, and Rabbit look as great on your phone as they do on your tablet!
Concentration games can only be earned by successfully completing Challenges or Comparators games. Math Panda is fully unlocked and you do not have to purchase any upgrade to play; In-App purchase is only available to remove the display of ads.
Math Panda is so easy to use you should be able to fully master the App in minutes, but it includes a comprehensive help file just in case. Let Math Panda and his friends lead the way to fun and sharper math skills (and even better grades!) today!
Praises for Math Panda
It’s clear that Math Panda has enough included to make it an appealing and more than competent app that parents and little ones will find genuinely helpful.
Nothing can go wrong with such an interesting game.
This app is perfect if you wish to improve the math skills of your child without putting undue pressure on him. The simplicity and versatility of this app make it a great option for those who are willing to learn maths.
Math Panda in every aspect has the potential to improve your Mathematical skills. The intuitive interface and animated characters make it your child-friendly.
Amazingly the “Concentration” section would compel even the elders to ameliorate their brain-power.
This app is going to stay on your device very long.
Overall Ratings for Math Panda:
(i) Concept – The concept of Math Panda is a very good one…
(ii) Visuals – The visuals are fresh, appealing…
(iii) User Interface – The user interface is very user friendly and simple to master...
(iv) User Experience – … It is a user experience like no other and fun education beyond fun.
(v) Animations – The animations are very lively, realistic, and they draw the player into the game like no other…
(vi) Sound – The sounds are very spot-on…

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