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Math Manimals - Train math the fun way

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About Math Manimals - Train math the fun way

A game based number app, similar to flappy bird, that allows children to practice their calculations using the four operations.  Targeted at younger children who can count and are now beginning to understand number operations, by answering questions correctly, they are encouraged to collect stars throughout the game, levelling up and unlocking different characters.  Mathematically, children practice their mental skills and are able to alter the level of difficulty too, selecting from numbers between 10 and 100.  

Teacher Review

A flappy bird style, number based app, that allows children to practice their four operations: addition; subtraction; multiplication and division. 

Upon opening the app, children are presented with the homepage and played a catchy tune, while the “start” button flashes, directing them to click this button.  Upon clicking it, they are taken to another screen where they can choose from a range of different characters, some of which are locked and require a certain number of stars to unlock them.  Next, children are asked to select the desired operation, followed by the level of difficulty and then are given simple instructions on how to play.  The game play is a simple concept – a question is shown, with several possible answers floating past. The user must move the character, with their finger, in order to select the correct answer.  In doing this, they must also avoid dangers, such as a flying pencil, hazards on the ground and incorrect answers.  Touching any of these, immediately ends the game and the child is asked whether they want to return to the homepage or restart.  Correct answers allow the game to continue with the ultimate aim of achieving the highest number of stars (correct answers).  Children can avoid all answers if they do not know the answer, and there are some questions which appear without an answer (or hidden behind another answer), so this is a useful feature.  It is clear from the graphics and sound that the developers have taken the time to consider the game play, however, longer term there needs to be further challenge to continue to engage children.  This could be achieved through a variety of methods: speeding up the questions (which take up to 10 seconds to appear) or a slow down feature for harder questions; adding further dangers as the game progresses; or even the ability to gain extra lives. 

In terms of the mathematics, children are able to select the desired operation and the appropriate level of difficulty.  Although selecting numbers within 10, 20, 50 and 100 is effective for addition and subtraction, it is not appropriate for multiplication and division questions.  Instead, children should be able to select the specific tables, from 1-12 times tables, then perhaps, multiples of 10s and 25s.  Upon first glance, it seemed that the developers were aware of this and had compensated to some extent, as the questions that appeared tended to focus on multiplying or dividing a 2-digit number by 2, 3 or 4 – extremely age appropriate.  However, as the game progressed, questions such as 68/17=4 appeared which become difficult to solve mentally.  Such a question could be easily switched to become 68/4=17 which would be much more appropriate.

Returning to the homepage, the total number of correct answers (stars) is displayed in the top corner. Children can use these to purchase additional characters, with each subsequent character costing more.  This is the motivation children need to continue practicing their mathematics.  Strangely, there are no other “options” within the app and this might be useful, for example to mute background music or change the speed of the game play.

Overall, worthy of a four-star rating.  However, with a few tweaks, this app has the potential to suit a range of different audiences and abilities, and certainly become a five-star app.

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  • Math Manimals - Train math the fun wayMath Manimals - Train math the fun wayMath Manimals - Train math the fun wayMath Manimals - Train math the fun wayMath Manimals - Train math the fun way


Math Manimals - Train math the fun way!

Math can be challenging for many children and parents may find that their children want to give up quite easily when it comes to learning how to add, subtract and more. However, children do not always give up because the math is too difficult for them, instead it is usually because it is boring and repetitive.

Math Manimal helps parents encourage their children to spend time doing math and learn their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The app will help children learn these math operations in a fun and interactive way.

This app is created to help kids of all ages master math in any way they want. That’s what makes the experience worth it, because each time they are presented with new, exciting challenges that they have to overcome!

The twist here is that your child has to guess the solution to any math task, all while guiding the manimal towards that number. So, Math Manimals is a game that seamlessly combines dexterity and knowledge in one great package!

As your child plays the game, he will be able to explore 4 different worlds. Each one is focused on various math operations which include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The operations come with 4 of their own difficulty levels. This means you have a lot of replay value found in this game. No two sessions are the same, something that helps your child improve his math knowledge and have fun.

There are 10 different Manimals to play with. From Bally, Elliot to King Pa, Chicky, Buuba, Pteras and many others, you have a lot of fun characters to play with. You start with Elliot and you can unlock more and more characters as you play and accumulate more points.

Math Manimals comes with a friendly game environment and joyful music that’s enjoyable for children of all ages. And since the levels are randomized, your child will end up playing for hours and hours as he has fun and enjoys the experience.

There are many obstacles found in the game world. From flying crayons to spikes and many others, you will find plenty of challenges that come your way. It’s very important to explore all of these as fast as possible, because this is the only true way to get the very best results.

Since each game experience is fun and different, your child will be able to test his dexterity and math knowledge without a problem. The game is designed to be fun and exciting each and every time, not to mention the cute manimals will be some great companions as you play!

If you want to teach your child math in a fun, creative and interactive manner, download Math Manimals right away. This is an extraordinary, exciting game for first, second and third graders!


• Unlock 10 different manimals
• 4 difficulty levels to choose from
• Beautiful graphics
• Immersive learning experience
• Randomly generated levels
• 4 different worlds to explore

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