Math&Logic games for kids

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  • age 5+
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Math&Logic games for kids Review

Motivating kids to learn and practise Math and its associated skills can be difficult, especially if it is not a topic that immediately appeals to a child. Math and Logic takes a broad approach to relevant skills and knowledge by covering add, subtract, multiply and divide operations, patterns, problem-solving, logic and more.

It wraps up the whole learning experience with superb graphics and combines access with other apps by the same publisher.

Math&Logic games for kids Features

  • Presentation: Beautiful graphics and varied sound and music
  • Difficulty levels: Select the appropriate level to match the app's challenge to your child
  • Varied skill development: math, logic, attention, and memory
  • Gamification: collectable in-game rewards and unlockable levels

Screenshots of Math&Logic games for kids

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Subscriptions start at $6.99 per month.

If you choose a longer term for Math and Logic's subscription, your monthly fee will work out lower than if you choose the flexibility of a monthly subscription.

The subscription also includes access to two of the publisher's other apps, Engaging Times Tables, which we reviewed, and the other is Fun Math.

Is it good for learning?

Math and Logic's activities are for kids in the early years of elementary or primary school. The app specifically refers to kindergarten to grade 4, but the tasks will apply to kids following any school or homeschool curriculum from the ages of 5 to 10. Your child does not need to follow the CCSS or other US-based curricula to use this app.

We'd suggest the ideal age for new users of this app is 8 or below to allow room for kids to develop with the app.

You choose a challenge level within a parental-locked section to meet your kids' current understanding and ability.

The Pros of using Math&Logic games for kids

  • Very attractive and kid-friendly learning environment.
  • Pressure-free activities
  • Parent-set levels ensure kids play the right activities
  • Kids can choose the type of challenge they want to play next

More Information

Gameplay Gamified

Suitable for ages - Primary School Apps (5-7 Years)
Primary School Apps (7-11 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Maths

Great for - Academic Relevance
Thinking & Reasoning

Benefits for Students

This app's enormous appeal for kids will be its attractive, vivid, and welcoming graphical style. Its cartoon style is distinctive and consistent. Its visual boldness never comes at the expense of readability, and each level looks different, adding to the feeling of variety.

The app reinforces positive outcomes rather than penalises wrong answers. The app doesn't use timers, creating a pressure-free learning environment that works well for many kids of the targeted age.

We also like the freedom of choice in the app. Kids can choose the challenge style they want to play next, such as addition or pattern matching. This choice makes it more likely that kids will open the app as they feel they have an influence over what they are doing. Kids have to unlock each level within the topics in turn, which prevents them from over-extending themselves and becoming demotivated.

Benefits for Teachers

Math and Logic is primarily an app for kids to use at home. The app does not easily cater for multiple accounts. If you're a teacher and need this app to support one child at a time, you may find it useful, but remember that any other kids who access it will have the performance added to the previous user's progress, which is not ideal.

Benefits for Parents

The lack of time pressures and the forgiving nature of the games lets parents join in with kids to help them learn. We recommend that parents only do this on levels kids have completed to avoid artificially accelerating their progress. When they do this, parents can help kids extend their strategies from earlier challenges to those in more difficult levels.

Including the other apps by the publisher adds value to the app, something many parents will appreciate. This is especially the case as one of them is a times table app, which is a popular type of app for parents to get their kids.

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Final Verdict: Math&Logic games for kids Review

Math and Logic looks gorgeous and plays well, and the subscription has access to two bonus apps. The games are simple and easy for kids to dip into for a few minutes or an extended learning session. Younger kids will establish their skills, and older kids will improve their fluency and understanding in this five-star app.

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Is the app easy to use and accessible?Math&Logic games for kids is easy to use and accessible
Is this app well-made and presented?Math&Logic games for kids is well-made and presented
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Does this app provide good value?Math&Logic games for kids provides good value to the users